Deafness in Dreams

To dream that you are deaf insinuates that you feel like there is lack of communication between your loved ones, social network, and you. As a result, you feel very isolated from society and are fearful of being in confinement.

On the other hand, becoming deaf in your dream may be indicative of your refusal to acknowledge something. There might be some bad news or constructive criticism that you do not want to hear. Instead, you are choosing to live in denial so that whatever bad news you can not hear won’t hurt you.

Seeing yourself as deaf in your dream may also symbolize your yearning for quiet and serenity. You do not wish to associate yourself with the harshness of the world and would like to be left alone in peace.

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One thought on “Deafness in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream that I woke up and my hearing was very fuzzy. It was similar to going on an airplane ride, when you reach a certain altitude and they pop. I kept rubbing my ears hoping my hearing would return. In my dream i was in love with this bald man who had my husbands personality, and same life story, but not his physical appearance. He was a bit older than me, and very supportive. In my dream I could not stop telling everyone how much i love him. By going deaf i was scared to never say i love you, or hear him say that to me.

    I was scared to sleep in my dream for fear that i would awake and my hearing would be completely gone, it was happening so rapidly! So the man i was in love with in my dreams stayed up all night talking with me till i fell asleep. As we were talking something dawned on me, and i sat up very excited and started taking loud, he started laughing and tried to calm me down a bit. He found this an endearing quality about me. I told him i think God is trying to get my attention to get something done. Maybe he is using my deafness as the motivation. I told him about how i should write a book, sharing my story. He thought it was a great idea.

    As i was talking about my ideas for a book that later turned to a lifetime movie. I finally feel asleep, that night i woke up and heard nothing. I wanted to cry so bad but did not allow myself for fear that i would get stuck feeling sorry for myself. The man that i was in love with, held me and i could feel him say it was ok to cry, And i tried to say, i need to learn sign language. I was so scared, not knowing how i was going to cope with my new handicap. I was trying to be brave like i was not afraid. The rest of the night we were trying to make up our own sign language, and i cried and laughed at the same time.