Accident in Dream

Dreaming of an accident represents a sense of trouble or problem waiting to happen. There’s a negative sense of urgency that requires your immediate attention. Take a step back from everything going on around you to reevaluate the situations that can cause you emotional pain and anxiety.

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One thought on “Accident in Dream”

  1. I had a dream that myself and my partner took a shortcut through some bushes to get to town, but ended up lost in a housing estate. We continued walking until I turned around and saw myself climbing a railing, and down I went. I ended up in some sort of hole (it was shaped like an open grave) and I had hurt my head. I was looking down on myself and seen an Xray of my skull, which was broken.
    I wouldn’t wake up, and they didn’t move me because they didn’t know if it would cause more damage. And then my grandmother came along, tucked a blanket around me and dragged me over on to my side to tuck me in. I panicked, she was moving me!!…and I started to cry, begging someone to do something for me. I knew I was going to die.

    Can anyone offer some insight?