Armageddon in Dreams

Dreaming of an armageddon means surviving as the chosen people and everyone else dies in the world ending dream. It could be your bosses, people you hate, others who follow an opposite faith, people who are simply unlucky, or people who never quite gained forgiveness for their wrong doings. Armageddon inverts the social pyramid structure upside down where everything is in total chaos and you are no longer held to certain responsibilities.

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9 thoughts on “Armageddon in Dreams”

  1. I had the worst dream last night, everyone was boarding boats that fly (something along the lines of Noah’s Ark) and I was left there crying with two other people, it was horrible. Then the woman opened a hatch and a monster?, demon?, spirit? appeared and I was ripped to shreds. And then the dream went like the credits of a game where you get killed and it’s a GAME OVER screen.

  2. I had a dream that it was Armageddon I was protecting my family I had 2 guns and was killing everyone in sight I have night terrors everynight and they are really I can even smell iam scared when I awake

  3. In my dream, there was fire and liquid everywhere and everything was falling continuously . i feel like we were all falling in a cyclic manner but I’m not sure. Everything was burning and there was chaos. what does it mean?

  4. lastnite I had a dream that i was building guns and had a whole room full of them because something really bad was happening and i could even remember what i was thinking about. Which was we was fighting a war within and our government was the enemy it felt allot like terminator because we ended up with most of the military and they used drones to overpower them. We have drones too and cyborgs and believe it or not we had tamed predator beasts on our side that tare people to shreds. And it was all over them trying to take our freedom they tried starting the new world order and sent in troops to homes to put everybody in camps but the troops ended up being on our side. But it attracted other countries to attack us while we are weak and they nearly won the war but we had other allies from other countries and that leads to where i was at the end of the dream. i don’t know what to think of it but it seems so real and i wonder if it might endup being the future? The way things have been going i don’t doubt that it could be.

  5. Ive recently been dreaming over and over again about the world ending. I usually have my daughter and my siblings there. Most of the time it ends by our house and all the others surrounding are collapsing somehow…sometimes tornadoes take over and alot of times im left standing in the end and there are thousands of dead people outside…im really curious about these dreams so any opinion on what it means or advise would helpful…please and thank you

  6. This particular dream was very persistent, no matter how many times I woke the dream always resumed in the exact same spot it left off. I’m guessing the tribulation had started because certain people were missing and the world was non-functioning per say. Anyhow, my immediate family(my husband, mother, and children) were at a friends house that I had a bad falling out with and haven’t spoken to in almost a year. We were trying to pull our resources together to survive without being noticed because I “knew” some type of army would be present soon to start “taking” over our town. Can’t really remember some of the events but I remember running into strangers who were arming us with really odd weapons, weapons that wouldn’t really hurt anyone but somehow they gave me comfort. There are other details I’m sure I can’t recall but I tried to put at least all the main details…would appreciate any help anyone could give in interpreting this dream. All the other interpretations have told me that I myself am facing death or that someone close to me is…:(