Death in Dreams

Dreaming of death represents your heighten state of anxiety caused by heavy workload or daily stress. Take a break from your responsibilities by planning a vacation to avoid an early career death.

The death dream can also signify someone, close to you, are having health problems and the fight against the disease has a bleak outlook. This brings you to wonder if they have lived a contented life that makes death happy.

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2 thoughts on “Death in Dreams”

  1. In the “real world”, I had an affair. After the affair was over, I had a dream that my former lover’s wife had died. I never actually saw her die, dead, or even knew how she had passes, but had the news relayed to me by a loved one. All of this was after I, myself, had narrowly missed my own death via a shooting on my street. What does this mean?

  2. Last night, I had a dream that I was being put to death for some unknown reason. The way they were doin it, they took me to this huge “sleep lab” where there were beds 1 right next to the other, all along the walls. You stood in line and whenever a bed was finished, they went over to that bed, changed the sheets on it and then called you over. The beds were heated, and as you fell asleep, they turned the heat up to cook you completely through. I got into the bed and was asking questions like, “how bad will this hurt?” and they just stared blankly.. Right before I fell asleep on the bed I woke up in a cold sweat… WTF??