Television in Dreams

To dream about television may be associated with different factors. Television is the most controversial medium in the media. Envisioning television in your dreams can be a indication of your desire for exposure and fame and to broadcast yourself to the public. Also dreaming about television is a indication that there are many constant thoughts that are flowing through your mind and it is processing and integrating those thoughts because your mind is replaying the programs of your conscious life.

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3 thoughts on “Television in Dreams”

  1. Tv led a big 32″ i saw it on a trolly. Black in and my sister in law taking it here and there in my drawing room to set it in one place. its a new one.and it is off.i am happy but my sister in law is not i saw.thats all.

  2. I had a dream about my new TV standing in a TV cabinet. I tried to move The cabinet and it fell over and the tv screen shattered. I receintly got divorced and living with my 2 kids in a rental house for a month now