Dolphins in Dreams

Dreaming about dolphins mean you value intelligence and integrity. Dolphins have a high level of intelligence and social relations. Associating yourself to a dolphin in dreams will help you navigate through tough times of uncertainty with speed and agility. Success will come as you excel in communicating your needs and goals to those with an open ear.

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5 thoughts on “Dolphins in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream that I was standing on a deck that was overlooking the ocean shore. It was night time and all of a sudden the moon became iridescent and lit up the entire ocean shoreline. On the shoreline you could see hundreds of dolphins frolicking in the water and there were many many people in the water with them having a great time. There were a few people on the deck area that instantly pulled their phones out and started taking pictures and videos. The site was so incredibly beautiful and peaceful by the shoreline, but further out in the water the waves were very sporadic and a huge seashell was being tossed back and forth on top of the waves. I was extremely concerned that the seashell was going to come close to the shore and hurt the Dolphins and the people.
    Would love to hear an interpretation of what my dream could possibly mean!

  2. Hello I had a weird dream before I was a dolphin , but only the left part of it , and I was swimming trying to find balance with the right one, after that I ve seen a real dolphin plenty of scars on his face he was suffering but it wasn’t dead. What’s the meaning??

  3. i had adream I was in my bedroom looking out the window and two purple glittering dolphins came down from the sky noses first and just as their noses touched my decking I woke up. always wondering the meaning of this.

  4. hi there,
    I dream that me and my family we were swimming on the beach we decided to go over to the next side of the beach while we were there swimming we saw a dolphin swimming in the shallow waters where we were it seems like it was trap because at this time every one wanted to catch it thinking that it was the type my uncle catches when he goes on his fish tonement when one of the men in the family catches it immediately I realize that it was a dolphin not the tonement fish we call dolphin I yield let him go let him go that one cannot be eaten and they let him go and he swam off and another dolphin joined him it was his mother I realize that it was just a baby dolphin and I felt happy to see them swam away in Clare waters.

  5. Hi There,

    Last night I dreamed of walking into an aquarium of some sort and that a big dolphin was looking right at me from just a few feet away. Even though dolphins have been known to be friendly and very social, I was initially reluctant to stand closer. However, after a brief pause, I walked up to the dolphin that was inside a tank and touched its cheek area. This is about as much I can remember. FYI, I recently left my job as senior management consultant for a well-respected and well-known global professional service firm and am now trying to figure out how best to invest the next ten years of my life to get the most satisfaction out of it. Thanks in advance for your prompt reply.

    Best regards,