Koi in Dreams

Dreaming of koi represents a goal to realize your ambitions one way or another. If a koi successfully swims against the current of a waterfall, it becomes a dragon soaring through the sky. You will continue to fight all odds by walking to the drummer of your own beat, and attain power, wealth, and recognition. Allow the koi’s old scales to fall away in a shower of light, and take flight as a dragon.

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13 thoughts on “Koi in Dreams”

  1. first i step in elevator accompany by an old woman…elevator is not ordinary its made of bamboo where you can see outside..when we move its not going up or down instead its rotating like a caterpillar ride i see all the clear water and lots of koi swimming in a large pond…koi is so big i saw a few man riding in koi and other are playing with them…old woman say “how bout we cultured koi?” i respond “we dont have aquarium”…color of koi is red combine in white color..

  2. I dreamed of a solid white Koi fish or Carp trying to enter my home. I took the fish and set it against a tree. Moments later I opened the door and he was stuck on it he jumped off onto my floor and crawled across the floor. I carefully picked him up so as not to get poked by barbs i could plainly see. (Barbs that don’the exist on either fish)I carried him out to the water of a pond out back . I carried the fish like you would a baby. Up against my chest and shoulder. I held him down in the shallow water to get a breath. I felt him take a deep reviving breath and decided to take him to deeper water. I carried him over to the deeper water where it just dropped off Deep right at the bank. I dropped from a 2 foot cliff like ledge onto the beach like shore and walk to the edge of the water where it dropped off into deep water.There was a kind of trout line there to catch fish so I walked around away from it where he would be safe when I let him go. I freed him and he stayed there looking back at me and me at him. When I tried to climb up the bank I fell half in half out of the water and then woke up. The house was the house in live in but there is no pond. The water was very dark black water and the shallow end was from flooding and normally there or so I knew in my dream.

  3. I had a dream about 3 large Koi Fish swimming in water where my living room is. The color of the Koi fish are gold/orange with red and black strips. At first they was small and my youngest son was swimming with them and one of the Koi fish was a baby who had sucked on my son’s finger and wouldn’t let go. As days go by these fish got so big they started eating off the wall and I told my husband to feed them so that they would eat the wall. What does this dream mean?

  4. The part of my dream that included a koi fish is as follows: I had been feared lost or drowned in a river. There was a shipwreck and men were being pulled from the water of a fairly calm but deep, murky river. Two men were looking for me. One ran through a village of teepees and Indians. Three young warriors encounter him and begin to attack. The man uses tai-chi to ward off attackers but not harm them. It seems as though the three attackers are jumping high in air and kicking. One of the attackers then turns into a floating/flying koi fish (mostly white), and I am in essence rescued though I had been treated very well by the Indians. The man who rescued me was held in awe by the Indians as well as myself.

  5. My dream was me walking into the largest game room ever and there was a swimming pool then I kept walking and saw another pool with a large koi fish… Very big but yellow… It was just swimming and I woke up…

  6. I had a dream that i had an orange and blue koy fish i lost focus of the orange one when a friend of mine was changing the bowl for the blue koy and we were disagreeing inbetween. The fish was left out so long that when she put it in the new bowl it just dissipated into the water and was gone. I had the feeling that the fish died but it really just like evaporated. It was a very vivid dream and I would really like to know what this may symbolize.

  7. I dreamed of huge bright orange goldfish and koi fish thy were swimming close to the surface in clear water and was petting them, the one koi was as tame as a dog. It came when it was called.

  8. I had a dream last night, I was at a porch crying because I got married. -.- and then while at the porch, I saw a cleared pretty river. In the water I saw a orange koi fish, not swimming. I know it was still alive in the water because of the fin. But then it wasn’t going anywhere, what does that mean?

  9. I was on the couch w/ my brother ( he was maybe 8-9 yrs old), I was the same age. He got a dragonfly, it had the body of a koi though he tried to put it out front. I grabbed it and took it out back to a stream, it swam around, the stream looked as it had a jello like texture so I thought it would kill the dragonfly/koi. I stuck my hands in the texture and tried to swirl it to more of a liquid. It worked soon a huge wave came charging down. It seemed as if the stream was no longer blocked. There were hundreds of koi rushing past there, was a large one in particular, must of been the size of a horse. They continued to swim down stream. I no longer felt the koi were in danger. Then my dream completely changed.

  10. i had a dream of a patinum white koi fhis i was in the ocean and was able to grab a platinum whit koi fish and hand it to some one else if some on could help me the interpretation of this dream as soon as possible

  11. I had a dream i was near a big pond or pool (not so sure) but a big orange/white coil fish with teeth grabbed my sister in the water. I grabbed a knife and jumped in to save her but the knife wouldn’t cut the fish. so i bit it soo soo hard and torn a flesh off. It released my sister but not me. I fought to get out and asked my sister to help but she just look at me and smiled, she didn’t save me. I was not happy at all and mad at her coz i helped her out. Anyways, the fish didn’t harm me but won’t let me go. It was like it was toying with me. I fought and pushed till i managed to get out. What does it mean??

  12. i had a dream that i went fishing with my friends and family. we were by a lake fishing and my friend had his boat and they went all the way to the middle and fished there. later, they were about to leave and so me and my family followed along the path and suddenly we were walking pass a beautiful japanese garden with a pond full of koi fishes. i wanted to catch them or fish them. so i told them to go ahead without me and i took my fishing pole and fished them. i caught a orange one. then a blue one. then a orange with black stripes. and a black one with orange polka dots. they were all huge fishes. about the size of adult thigh…roughly about 1 foot long and 7 – 8 inches wide. i told my wife to come and bring me my back pack so i could put the koi fishes in it, cuz i didnt have a bucket to put them in it. then i woke up. what does this mean?