Shark in Dreams

Sharks are fearsome creatures of the sea that will tear into every prey. Dreaming of sharks often mean there is an immediate threat close to you. The fear of this powerful enemy or obstacles has you frozen in your tracks. There is little meaning in running away from this fear as foreshadowed by your dream of sharks. The best solution is to confront what is holding you back in order to move on and advance.

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20 thoughts on “Shark in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream where me, my mum and dad had driven the two hour journey to drop my mum off at my brothers ex’s house (in reality the split hasn’t been a good one but we all still get on with her and they have 2 young children). Then me and my dad as we had pre-arranged in the dream drove back to our home town to get loads of presents for the children and got small rowing boat back up to where we had just dropped my mum off, at my brothers ex’s house as my dad was confident this was the best way. My dad was confident in how to get there this way having done it loads of times before. Once we are pulling up, loading presents and pushing the boat off there’s is knowledge and reassurance from my dad that there are sharks, but just follow his lead and it will be fine we will get past the shark area and continue. I am in the front. Within only moments of this boat journey I am surprised that it is fully shark infested water, not just an occasional shark like I expected. We can barely get the boat that is now just a board where we are balancing on our knees through because there are so many sharks of all different kinds crowded in the water. One average size dark shark goes for me but I squirm and wriggle so it doesn’t touch me, but as it is still trying I turn around behind me and my dad is falling into the water casually saying “oh this is happening then” while being pulled in by a great white’s teeth around his waist, bum, thigh area. He was in a 45 degree angle with his head to the left and his feet to the right. His hands waving all over the place when I grab his arm and pull with all my might and he isn’t freeing from the shark. Just as the shark kills him, the water clears and I have him in my arms, no blood or injuries, just dying on the sand floor. In real life my dad has kolitis and when he was younger he was so skinny and photos of him as a young man show him looking almost skeletal. In the dream this is how he looked as he was taking those last breaths and dying. In reality I have an unpredictable relationship with my dad, his moods and reactions are always unpredictable but I’m always trying to keep a positive relationship since approaching his difficult ways doesn’t work, he always thinks he is right and no one should question him.

  2. I had this dream where my husband and I were in shallow waters and this shark came out of nowhere and tried attacking my husband.. when I saw, I pulled out a knife(didn’t even know I had one on me) and stabbed it in its head.

  3. I had a dream where i was with my school friends. We went swimming in a very cold lake/ocean. The thing is the sharks didnt come for us…… it was like they couldn’t. They couldn’t even if they wanted to……

    I had this dream 2 times

  4. I dreamt that there were a few sharks swimming around me in clear water. I remember thinking, “maybe they don’t see me”. One was getting really close to a little girl. I grabbed it by the tail and pulled it back so i could close its mouth. I held its mouth closed and Remember thinking, “what now? “

  5. In my dream I could see a circle of sharks about 8ft away from me. They were just swimming in a circle. I wondered why they stayed in that circle and was told because the water was freezing cold, like a block of ice. They were harmless because they were stuck swimming close to the surface. I could see their fin. I wondered what would happen if they went deeper into the water. Would they be able to break out of there and become dangerous? I was in the water. I wasn’t scared.

  6. In my dream, I found a shark out of water and took it to a community swimming pool for it to swim in. It swam so deep that the people didn’t even notice it, even though it was a fairly large shark! I wasn’t afraid and I even played with the shark in the water, stroking it and hugging it, calling it pet names and such. I can’t get the images out of my head. This shark dream is different than any others I’ve read about. Some insight?

  7. Yikes! I dreamed that I was watching a group of friends at some kind of petting zoo of sharks. Full grown sharks! lol. Everyone was in the water and we were watching them interact with the sharks from somehow beneath them. While watching several times, one of my friends went in and started to pet the shark and it took off with him. This was a friend that I have not seen in years and had a crush on like when I was 14. (35 years ago). Any thoughts?!!?

  8. i saw a shark killing someone and after that incident one o my friend said that the child was eaten by shark because of him and he felt guilty of what happen..after that he went into a depression and turn down into a fish..i had no suggestion for him to take out of his depression so i tried to kill him several times i dont know how can i do that… this all things happen in my dream..please tell me what does this dream trying to tell me about.

  9. I don’t usually dream at night and most times if I do I do not Remeber them at all but last nights Dream keeps playing over in my head so clearly as if it really happened….

    They’re was a big swimming pool with black sharks in it and there was a fair bit of people swimming with the black Sharks but I sat on the floor terrified to go in.. If there is a meaning behind this dream I would really like to know I feel like with me when I get dreams they’re trying to tell me something and with this one im still trying to figure it out.

  10. In the dream I was standing on the edge of this beach and the waters were crystal clear, I could see all the sharks swimming in the ocean and saw a large tiger shark very near; it was swimming calmly among large rocks. I needed to get to a little island that had a shack with a wire telephone so that I could make a call. I made sure to keep my distance from the tiger shark but I jumped in the water and rode on a whale shark and even petted a leopard shark; I felt completely safe and ended up making a call to my mother.

  11. My dream wasn’t that bad, I was in the car going to my he town, Santa Barbara, and there were many tree’s but they were shaped as sharks. Then we went to this huge pool and there were sharks in them. I was sitting on the edge calmly when a shark came up to me, at first I was scared, but then I started to pet it. I don’t think something bad is going to happen to me though, because the shark was friendly.

  12. I was swimming in the middle of the ocean with a person I don’t know some how we were with a boat to we swam towards the boat and everyone in the boat started screaming there’s a shark hurry up the shark managed to miss us but the ocean turned into a small golf corse and somehow I grabbed the shark by the tail and rolled it onto the the corse the the boat full of people I did not know started Corse the shark up then we bar b qued it but I never took a bit. In a later dream the bar b qued shark was in my fridge untouched

  13. i had a dream last night that 2 fiercee sharks in some dirty river/lake wanted to attack me, there were some people there that were trying to help me to get away from them.. it took some time until some man in a boat came and rescued me but then i drowned. i got back up and my friends pulled me up the sharks yet again tried so hard to attack. i got a really big fork like weapon and stabbed the sharks several times.. :S

  14. i had a dream that dad went to work one day and when mum had realised he was late to return home, she had decided to watch the news and soon as she switched it on there was a breaking story of person that was killed by a shark followed by a phone call saying it was my dad. I ran to where mum was sitting motionless and said “dad is dead”, thats when i woke up. What does it mean?

  15. there were sharks moving around in the sky, they were not flying, but like they were swimming in the sky. one shark had a long string like rope as if asking me to grab on. I am very afraid of this dream.

  16. I woke up scared and shaking in my dream me and my son who is 4rs old went to the beach. And he decided to go on a little tube ride with a group of children. He was having so much fun and the next thing you know the tube flips and everyone is screaming shark shark. I’m swimming as fast as I can to where he is at and then when I got there the police picked him up and a big black shark has my sons head in his mouth so I kick and poke the eye of the shark and the shark let goes. But my son he wasn’t moving. There was no blood but his head was limp. And then that’s when I woke up.

  17. I just woke up from this terrifying dream. First it started out that I was on this ship where I was talking to many ppl around me in Spanish. Mainly men where trying to conversate with me in this language. I knew some of words but not all. Out of nowhere an old high school classmate approached me. He hugged me and I began to cry and weep with him. I told that I needed.his help in finding a job. As we cried I began to sprak in an unknown toungue. He said that he would contact me. Then somehow the situation arose where I saved a child from a small plane that fell out of still on a ship and the announcement was made that 11 foot sharks will try to attack us if we are near edge. Somehow I ended up in the water with these huge sharks all around me. They never bit or harmed me because I was throwing trash in water and they went after it. I found a net, like a volleyball net, that stretched across to saftey. I climbed up and over without getting bit. However when I reached saftey my brother was sitting next to me, covered in bite marks on his hands and feet. I woke up terrified because it took so much to get away fearing for my life. Still shaking and wondering what does all this mean? I havent thought about none of the elements in this drea. Not did I see any of thhem lately on tv or anything. Strongly feel that it means something! Please reply. Thanks and God bless.

  18. I had a dream I was at the Lake. (A very close place to me) It was the middle of summer and a very cold dark day. My friend Gant and I went on a jet ski ride. He fell off and got killed by hitting a log. Later in the dream his brother Cam and I were swimming. (this is a freshwater lake with no sharks in it) He got attacked by a huge shark and died while i just watched and couldnt move to save him. I managed to escape by flying. The rest of the dream I was crying and scared of the “jaws like shark” who was after me, waiting to kill me too. I woke up screaming with tears coming out of my eyes. Both of them are close friends and im not mad at eather of them.
    What could this mean?