Alcohol in Dreams

Dreaming of alcohol means escaping reality and avoiding life’s problems. Instead of facing your problems, you look to the bottle to drown yourself out and pass time numbed. It makes your forget the who you are for the moment and the many obstacles that surround you.

Wake up and change. Alcohol should only be used in moderation to celebrate and life the spirits. It is not a tool, and don’t dream about it.

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2 thoughts on “Alcohol in Dreams”

  1. I dreamt I was waitressing at new job. My first customers wanted 3 drinks of something I’ve never heard of. While trying to find out how to order them I looked down to see I had a huge blob of mustard on my top. Had to scramble around to find another, couldn’t remember the strange drink they wanted. Had to go re ask & they called it something different but still unfamiliar to me.