Black Widow in Dreams

Dreaming of a black widow signifies fear and hostility in relationships. You fear being overpowered and devoured by your mate. To overcome these inadequacies, develop your own strengths in some areas of the relationship to balance the struggles where one person cannot have the upper hand in every situation.

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20 thoughts on “Black Widow in Dreams”

  1. I dreamnt that my husband and i were outside of a house. I do not know what or whos house. I seen a massive size black widow on the door panel in the top left corner just weaving in and out of the panel. Everytime i tried to show my husband the spider would hide and when he wasnt looking it came out. So i tried to zoom in with my phone to show him 1. There was a spider and 2. It was a black widow because of the red on its back. I caight a glimpse and he seen it. But it didnt phase or scare him. He went inside the house leaving me outside yet telling me to come on in there is nothing to worry about. I remember feeling very scared. Finally i ran into the house. After running into the house i felt relieved and calm and he proceeded to tell me “see there was nothing to worry about. The spider wasnt even worried about you.”

  2. I dreamt i was in the backseat of the car with someone and the black widow was coming down it was huge i was trying to kill it, but it got between my fingers bit me as i smashed it. Then i saw it on the floor half smashed.

  3. In my dream I was I my room, crying because i broke up with my boyfriend (this didn’t happen in real life). The point is that I was standing and then I saw 3 black widow spiders running around my room, they were first in my floor but started climbing up my wall and doing like circles or something, they were just moving really fast and something weird really happened, they all turned white, apparently because my wall was just painted with white paint but I knew that didn’t happen. I yelled and called my dad to kill them, which is weird because I haven’t talked to him in 3 years. I left my room and some other weird things happened. What does it mean?

  4. My dream was terrifying. In real life we are moving and have been looking at houses online, one of which has seven acres. In dream life we bought that new house in my dream and I forgot to have it sprayed before we moved in. After about a week (dream time) of living there black widow webs started springing up everywhere. Every corner, every door way, in the entrance to some giant rock formations outside, in my daughter’s play place. At one point I even attempted to turn off color and everything went black and white EXCEPT the bright red hourglasses; there were hundreds of them. Like beady eyes in the dark, only they were red pulsating hourglasses. One of them dropped down randomly and bit my two year old on her thumb! I was freaking out and rushed her to the hospital. I don’t remember anything else. It was horrifyingly awful.

  5. I had a dream that I was getting the dust from the corners of my bedroom ceiling and on top of my widow frame there was a black widow, I didn’t know what it was. But I called my boyfriend over and he looked at it but we both just left it alone. I’m very confused as to what this symbolizes. I’m pregnant so I’m really unsure lol. And as we were leaving my room a black tarantula about the size of my foot (8 in woman’s) ran across my floor and we just ran out of the room closing the door behind me.

  6. I had a dream where I was cleaning an area and I picked up a wet web with a black widow spider in it. I didn’t know what it was so I turned it over and the spider jumped out. What is the meaning of that?

  7. I’m not currently in any relationship . however the other night I had a dream where a girl whom I do not know was standing in a stair way. near the corner of where she was standing was the biggest black widow I have ever seen with about 50 fangs right next to her I try to pull her back before the spider bites her. at this point I can see the devilish red of his hour glass getting closer and closer. and that’s when this girl decided to tell me not to touch her for the spider was her lover. some other random stuff happened but that’s the jist of my black widow dream.

  8. I dreamt a black widow was near my children so I had no choice to pick it up. When I did it crawls to the back of my arm and it bit me. I remember thinking that I was going to die unless someone helped me.

    1. This also happened in my dream. I was trying to keep it away from my child. I remember seeing one start crawling up the back of my arm. I tried to get it, then I felt a bump. Like I had been bit. Then I started seeing different colors.

  9. I dreamed that a Black Widow spider was making a web in my terrarium (of plants) which were growing out of control so I had to remove the lid to trim them but when I went back to do so, the spider was gone, leaving its web there. There were also ants in there. It was very unsettling.

  10. I saw one black widow on the bed and reached for a paper towel that was lying close by but upon opening the paper towel I saw dozens inside. One of which was large and hour glass marking could be seen from the top. The small movement of the towel made most fall to the floor. I ran to the other room to get bug spray and when I came back the spiders were walking everywhere but I noticed people sitting all around even on floor and I screamed to get off the floor and sprayed some of the spiders but knew that some escaped. I then woke up.

  11. I had a dream about a black widow. It was black with red marks on the back. In my dream I told my boyfriend to kill it with a shoe and instead he sprayed it down with the waterholes it was on its back in the kitchen and I told my brother to kill it he hesitated but finally got up and as he went towards it the spider jumped up and started coming towards me jumping at me.

  12. In my dream, I laid on my bed. I looked up and tried to make of something on the ceiling
    I got off the bed since I couldn’t tell what it was. A tiny black widow was coming down towards my face, somehow I was laying down again. Again, I left the bed only to look back at the spider which was now as big as a baseball. I picked up a broom and hit although it was really hard to kill it I managed to kill it after a few hits.

  13. Hi. I had a dream where I saw a black widow spider crawling on a file cabinet in my home. I tried to kill it with a book a few time and thought I did. It ended up not dying (actually, I dreamed it FLEW away – LOL!). Then I woke up. What could this mean?

  14. In my dream I realized webs were weaving out of my jean pants. I went to the bathroom to see what was happening. When I pulled down my pants I saw a huge black widow covering & guarding my vagina

    1. I’ve had the same dream too…it is a reoccurring dream. They bite me if l try to move them away. In a strange way, l feel like they are on me to protect me…not sure why.