Caterpillar in Dreams

When you are stuck in certain stages of your life, you will often dream of caterpillars. You spend your time wondering why you are still at the middle of the road towards a certain goal, when you want to burst out like a butterfly and show your true form. In a business deal, a caterpillar dream indicates that something is holding the finalization of the deal back. The best thing to do is to give it time for events to unfold and the goals to realize itself.

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2 thoughts on “Caterpillar in Dreams”

  1. I was standing on a hill eating an orange with a cousin around a year older then me and there was lots of more people below us. I ate the orange than i took a shovel and barry the seeds. Next to where i barry my seeds are two beautiful avocados i lift them up and catapillars came out and i trhew them away. Once i did green (grass green) and brown catapillars start to follow me and crawling on me.I tried to kill them but they kept multiplying and crowling on my legs.

  2. Hi, in my dream I was looking at something and I realized it was a caterpillar or it turned into a caterpillar. I was in my living room. He was wiggling around on an object and I was watching him for a little while. Then he started wiggling a little faster and fell down on the floor. I took the object and guided him back onto it, then I walked to the door and let him outside. He crawled across the sidewalk and into the grass and immediately jumped up on a bush branch and started eating a leaf. I thought ‘good, he’s happy, now he can eat’. I felt like he had been cooped up and I put him in a better environment where he could thrive.