Dragonfly in Dreams

If your life is facing sudden changes whether it is work related or companionship related, your dreams will feature dragonflies. Situations in your life will not be as it seems. These fast flying mid-air direction changing insects symbolize change.

When you eat or kill the dragonfly, you bring about a stop to change by focusing all your energies on a single task to attain wealth and fortune.

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5 thoughts on “Dragonfly in Dreams”

  1. In my dream I was in hills and it was a beautiful day we were all exploring and some lady gave me a drink where a dragonfly with the body of a snake was sitting in the middle of the big bottle motionless and the we both drank from it and the lady said the dragonfly was her pet. What does this dream mean?

  2. In my dream i was talking to someone and a big dragonfly the size of my hand landed on the left side of my head over the side of my eye.I try to move it gently because it didnt scare me,i was in aw then i wake up.

  3. Title: 2 Flies, a Dragon Fly and the cockroach
    Dream: 10 Nov 2010 at about the time 8 or 9am.
    I was at the window which was open and the sun was coming through, which I then saw 2 blowflies (large Australian flies); these flies were making buzzing noises, as they beat their wings furiously on the side of the window opening. I place a sheet of thin old wood to block the opening, especially since I saw a large flying insect enter through the window, I believe was a dragonfly. However, instead of being blocked off from flying straight into my house from the window, because it was blocked by the wooden sheet, it took a detour across the sheet and come out the right end into my room. Suddenly, I found myself asleep in my green bed and the dragonfly flew straight into the left side of my neck and I thought it would bit me with it’s long tale, but the dragonfly did not and realised what was a dragonfly had now become a cockroach and hence I awoke from dream

  4. I was startled when a dragonfly perched on my shirt and noticed its queer feature. I’ve noticed it has 8 wings and my dream just ended. What does it mean?