Firefly in Dreams

Fireflies are magical creatures that brighten the velvet sky. To see a firefly in your dreams indicates that novel ideas are overflowing your mind. Your ideas are about to emerge and become part of reality. A firefly may also symbolize hope, for it’s body is infused with light. Thus, if you are in a period of uncertainty or self doubt, seeing a firefly in your dream is a great indicator of hope coming in small increments.

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5 thoughts on “Firefly in Dreams”

  1. i dreamnt last night that I was trying to catch fire flies and put them in a jar…but something told me if I put them in a jar they would die. so I would catch them in a open jar.

  2. I was actually dreaming of fireflies this night,
    I was driving a car with a couple of friends and all of a sudden there was 2 planets in the sky as big as the moon, so we stopped to take a look. And in a nearby forest there was a wierd bluish light (kind of looked like a galaxy) and i wanted to touch it cause it seemed solid. I got there, touched it, went back and looked around me and there was hundreds of fireflies shining blue around me. This is the wierdest, most cliché-ish dream i have ever had. It has left an impression on me, If there is any meaning behind i would like to know. Thanks 🙂

  3. I dreamt last night that i was introducing fireflies to someone who has never seen them, i cannot remember any faces or like super detail to as where exactly i was, but i turned a corner and there they were. These huge fireflies illuminating a wall it seemed. And i saw their silhouette and they were huge. I saw in details as well to how big the eyes were the body and the legs. It was just nothing I’ve seen before and i tried to be calm about the whole thing. It was just weird. What does it mean?

  4. I dreamed last night that I saw fireflies. I catched them in my right hand. They were all in my hand illuminating brightly. They didn’t leave my hand. I want to know the meaning of this. Thank you.

  5. HI, I am a born again Christian who wants to understand the Christian implications of the firefly dream I had. I have wonderful Godly friends who have touched my life in multiple ways as Jesus leads and directs each of us through some wilderness experiences. Last night God gave me the thought of a firefly in connection with one of my sisters in Christ – in researching it I seem to be getting a revelation for myself too. The dream focused on the wings of the firefly – then the body. Just wondered your thoughts on this…