Flies in Dream

Flies are annoying insects and are often attracted to dirty or decomposing objects. Dreaming about flies indicate that you are feeling annoyed by friends and surroundings. Without a clear head, and thinking your next steps, you may be thinking of doing something foolish. Flies in a dream also signifies a postponement of success.

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17 thoughts on “Flies in Dream”

  1. I started flying when I was about 6
    Till 13 years of age , then it stopped till now at the age of 51.
    It is an amazing feeling , I seriously just love it so much ! Last night I was flying in my living room above my daughter’s head and she told her friend yah my mom flies . 🙂
    It literally runs a string in my system from top to bottom ! I believe I’m in another realm really flying , could it be

  2. i had a dream wre my oldrst nephew and i were siting under a tree eating green apples but he would take one bit an throw it across my face and when it hit the floor it was coverd by a swarm of flyes i look at my nephew and i see take a bite from nother apple and also threw it to the sme derection but this time i felt the flyes attack me as soon as the apple passed threw my face . it felt so weird and so real i woke up Scared .. what does it mean ? its been half day and im still shaken by the dream

  3. I dream about having a good time outdoors w/family members , saw lots of flies in one big room, i start spraying in the entire room to get riff of the flies and close the door that helps to kill of all of them without ventilation, what will that be a meaning of that?

  4. I dreamed I was cleaning up or called to clean up a place and on the property was a box. And when I opened the box I saw a block of cheese. The cheese was hard on the edges but normal elsewhere in the block. And as I looked at the cheese, I saw a lot of flies flyiny around the cheese.

  5. I had a dream, I was sleeping and a white bird came through the window when I woke up I started chasing the bird but kept on coming back many times while peeling off its flies on my mouth. In the morning when I woke up I felt something on my throat.

  6. My dream began with me walking down a street, probly mid day,sky was overcast but no rain, i continued walking between buildings and across streets when i came upon the building i wanted to enter. The building had metal steps at the side of it which led to the door, after my foot landed on the 3rd step i looked up on the telephone pole at the side of the building, it was a giant fly just peering at me (was about the size of a dog). it flew down while i was trying to enter the building an started scratching an trying to eat my back, the feeling was so intense it woke me up with the jeering sensation of it trying to kill me. The distinct sounds it made were also very clear as well. I am both puzzled an disturbed by this, clarity would be nice.

  7. I don’t remember my entire dream but I do remember I was bitten on my chest right above my left breast by a black fly it was so painful I looked down at it and it was as if it left its wing in me, but I watched it fly away because I was trying to figure out what caused so much pain. When I looked at the bite area again I was bleeding but the blood was black and the pain was so intense I grabbed myself it hurt so bad I woke up with my hand on my chest with the same pain

  8. I didnt have a dream but rather a vision. I was awake. I glanced at my boyfriend and he was covered in flies, when I blinked they were gone? I’ve never experienced this before?

  9. I had a dream with flies, I was in my country in my parents house in the front room of the house I was sleeping with my dad and woke up to se the vaulted ceiling crowded with flies, amazingly there was no noise from them given the amount everything was white, it wasn’t unpleasant but still I didn’t like it, I then saw a green small parrot (i’m afraid of birds) and told my dad to get him out, the bird then went behind the curtains righ behind the headboard of the bed I cover myself up and ask my dad to pleeeaaaseee get him out. Could you help me with understanding this? My husband told me he did dreamt about them too.

  10. I had a dream abt flies. My mother and I were killing them their were several baby flies in the bathroom on the wall above the tolleite and I killed the babies. I then went to the living room where my mom was and she had a fly swatter an she was trying to kill the last two which were the size of a grasshopper, but it was har to kill him so I tried stepping on him wth my feet but noticed that I had on only socks. But finally me and my mother killed them all, but I still wen back to the bathroom to make sure the babies were dead and the were. It was strange because the bigger one kept trying to get up of the ground. Could someone give me some incite to what this crazy dream may mean? Sorry for any misspelled words. And short text. It’s those dang on cell phones.

  11. I just remember trying to get somewhere for a rehearse with my boyfriend and while we were trying to figure things out (argueing) I was eating a burgerand noticed there were flies on my burger. I tried to shoo them off but they kept coming back. What does that mean??

  12. hello, i need help interpreting this dream i had of flies…

    i was outside of the apt bldg i live in, i was looking into the basement of my building which is located on the exterior of the bldg.

    i was looking down the stairs to the open basement door, there were other ppl there i did not recognize and they looked shocked and surprised..there were flies flying around a huge pile of something underneath a large white cloth or sheet…then the dream was over…

    1. Often times when we are wandering off to unfamiliar surroundings, the mind will instill into us events that triggers the defensive mechanism of fight or flight. The flies hovering over the large object cover by the sheet is the first warning that whatever is covered up is better left undiscovered.