Grasshopper in Dreams

Grasshoppers are free spirited creatures that don’t settle into set locations. The grasshopper represents you in the dream, where you want to be set free to travel the world, or attain financial independence to carry through with your life goals.

The downside of a fleeting grasshopper dream is that when it comes to making decisions, you’ll never fully commit to a yes or no answer. Always wavering and sitting on the fence will not help you in building your reputation and character.

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29 thoughts on “Grasshopper in Dreams”

  1. DREAM: I was walking out of ulta ( a makeup store) without making a purchase, because my boyfriend was waiting for me outside, and i didn’t want to keep waisting his time. And the person in front of me in line was taking too long. So I decided to just walk out and not buy anything. So I went outside, to see my EX boyfriend out there, not my current boyfriend.. now ex boyfriend asking did i purchase anything, and I replied no. And he was like wow really, why have I been waiting for such a long time out here then. Then all of a sudden I looked up to the corner of the building, where I see a swarm of flying bugs… and out of pure horror I shrieked. Where then a mass of probably a million of these flying bugs flew towards me, hearing people around me saying i wasn’t suppose to acknowledge them…. and now they are all on my back, and I cannot get them off and I hear them swarming only on me, on my back , no one else. Then i woke up.

    The next day at work, getting out of my car to walk in the building i see 2 of these bugs that were in my dream on the side of the building. I was just mortified. haha they were grasshoppers, but in my dream they were much bigger.

  2. DREAM: dusting the house an extended family reunion was taking place in, where a family with a lot of kids had come and not found the offset bunk room and taken the bed i had been using. i was dusting up walls, in kitchen and main living space that had spiderwebs covered in smooty dust, and when i raised the whisk to the light of open door, tiny little grasshoppers where coming from what i had mistaken for spider eggs amongst the cobwebs. hundreds of them. (yay! i thought. i hadn’t disrupted them too early and killed them all. they would live and grow to full size.)

  3. I had a dream that 4 grasshoppers crawled out of a small sore in my left foot and then a large black widow spider also crawled out after them. When I squeezed the sore to see if there are more insects in it blood gushed as if a vain burst. There wasn’t any insects left in my foot but I had a distinct feeling that the eggs somehow entered my foot and I incubated them in there till they were mature enough to leave. It was very unsettling and disgusting

    1. wow, so similar to my dream just posted. and then today on walk when i picked up piece of wood looking like dragon head, a black widow was on underside, my fingers just 2 inches from her. i gently set branch back down for her to keep her home.

      left foot = understanding receiving intuition, black widow = aware of how to protect herself.

  4. I had a dream where A giant grasshopper flew at me and landed on the right side of my right calf. At first, I was freaked out so I shook it off my leg only to have it fly right back. Lucid dreaming kicked in, and as I was finding this to be an unusual dream, I told myself to check what type so I could see what this meant when I was awoke.
    It was some where between and slender brown grasshopper and a mischevious bird grasshopper. Not sure if that means anything.

  5. In my dream, I was sitting in my ecology class and my teacher shook off the grasshopper off her hand. Then once it was on the floor it kept trying to attack me. My teacher announced if you stay still it will leave you alone. But I was scared since it kept coming towards me. Then it attacked a small puppy that was in the room. So weird.

  6. My dream was a grasshopper land on me. I would throw it away but it will come back to me? What does this mean!!

  7. one night i saw a large green grasshopper at my house. that same night i dreamed that i saw a small brown grasshopper and a big green one about twice the size. then suddenly they were onto each other like they were fighting. that same green grasshopper was in a corner giving birth. then many tiny ones were flying all around me.

  8. I dreamed of a big green grasshopper sitting on the dash of my car. Later my car went on a sink hole full of water. When they brought my car out of the water the big green grasshopper was still on the dash. Nothing happened to it. I got out of the car and stayed there. It was big and green.

  9. I dreamed that my step-dad brought home a normal sized grasshopper, which had a black body and a bright red head. I was afraid that something might happen to it, that i might step on it or a spider might get it. he just laughed at me. i don’t dream a lot.

  10. I dreamt of a huge grasshopper on a sofa and i wasn’t afraid of it while sitting beside it. I called others to look at the huge grasshopper beside me as well. What does the dream actually means?

    1. I had this same dream! A gigantic grasshopper was lowering its head and creepy mouth to devour me. Some of the interpretation sites refer to the grasshopper as a representation of an inability to decide on something. Maybe it’s the dreams version of being eaten by indecision…. LOL – I do feel eaten by indecision lately. Interesting…

  11. I dreamt that I was in an unfamiliar bright apartment, with a lot of windows and daylight coming in, and scarcely furnished. I was sitting at a white table and I was about to eat three whole salads (!) as I discvered in each of them crawled a grasshopper out, light green in color. They flied out, circulating in the room looking for an exit. I jumped and was intimidated initially, but not frightened. I looked for something to chase them out the windows, not successfully. What to make out of it?

  12. I dreamed that my boyfriend was using this magic to create a grasshopper, and it was green and juicy and I was terrified of it! It’s front legs hadn’t grown yet, but I think they did as my friend threw it outside. And my boyfriend kept saying, “dude, I really felt like that was a sign.” It was so scary.. what does that mean?!

  13. I dreamt that a giant vicious grasshopper wanted to kill us, so we closed ourselves inside a house, closed doors and curtains, does anybody know what it means?

    1. I don’t know what it means but I dreamed something similar, yet I went inside a house and hided under the bed. In the dream I fell asleep. I then was in another place being happy. I “woke up” from that dream and was back to the original dream. By the time i woke up the giant grasshoppers had left but I couldn’t find my brother.

  14. I recently had a dream of a grasshopper then the next day a dead grasshopper landed in my lap that fell down from a drop ceiling at work. ???

  15. I had a dream that i was first bitten by a spider, then puss was coming out of my index finger, then right after that there were two grasshoppers on top of the table a small and a big one, the small one was just there standing still, and the bigger one looked back at me and smiled kind of sneaky as i tried to catch it but i couldn’t, every time i touched it, it got away. what does that mean?

  16. I was told that one of the intercessors of the church saw a giant brown grasshopper on the porch of the church. It was looking in trying to see what was going on. She said it looked very scary. The vision of the grasshopper appeared when the lead intersessor began to pray for the pastor and the president of the United states. Need a Christian perspective.

  17. I had a dream that grasshoppers were attacking me and I could not get away. In the end they swarmed me and ate me alive.

  18. What does it mean when in my dream I swept a grasshopper up with dust and almost kill it? Than when I was getting ready to sweep it in the dust pan, I saw the grasshopper and a was little upset and tried to untangle it’s legs.

    1. The giant grasshopper in the dream means you are about to make a grand exit as you will travel the world to see all that you have read through books and imagined in your dreams.

    2. I little while ago, maybe a week ago, I had found the giant grasshopper on the wall after searching for what seemed a while through numerous empty or “normal” rooms. I then woke up not too long after, a lot of my dreams lately have been crazy and fuzzy memory wise but I know for a fact I am having them. I then turned to the internet to find out what it means