Locusts in Dream

When locusts appear in your dreams, it represents a part of your life that’s famished. Whether it is brain food or career advancements, these areas have come to a complete stop simply because the learning has halted. Prior to the locusts, your field of dreams were lush with greenery and hope. This destructive dream is a wake up call that you can hit rock bottom if you don’t commit yourself to improvement.

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6 thoughts on “Locusts in Dream”

  1. I dreamt I was vomiting locusts, dark brown in colour. They were flying everywhere and I tried to stop vomiting them, but couldn’t. Instead, I started flying out of their midst but couldn’t. I called on the name of the Lord “Abba”, flew each time I called God’s name. I woke up. The second dream was me seeing a sky blue coloured snake on a same coloured bed sheets. The head was visibly brown and only could see it! I tried killing it, but it was gone, only for a little boy to own up to the snake being his. He later vomited it, and I crushed its skull which was dry. The third dream is that I was making a spectacle of myself in an open field clad only by a bed spread….

  2. I was meant to have an exam this morning at 9am; I was not prepared for this exam at all, so I set my alarm to wake me up at 5am.

    5AM alarm went off, but half-asleep me got up, turned it off and got back into bed. I had no more alarms set before the 9am exam that day, so I would have probably never woken up if it were not for one of the most intense dreams I’ve ever had.

    The dream started out pretty simple, I was in the garden around a small white garden table with my mum, grandma and I think my sister was there.

    In the distance we can see dots/a big swarm

    It spirals and starts to get closer and closer when all of a sudden we’re surrounded by a swarm of locusts. I naturally am scared of flying insects so I hide under the table.

    Next to me I see brown/grey stone/rock-like objects falling to the ground and piling up. They aren’t rocks but they’re falling from the locusts themselves. This all gets a bit too much for me in the dream, (I believe it was a nightmare) and I suddenly wake up. The time was exactly 7AM.

    I just got a text from my mum saying that she had a nightmare (at this point I still haven’t told her about mine yet) so I’m finding this experience very strange but interesting.

  3. I dreamt of a swarm of locusts flying above my head,I had to kneel on my one leg so that they could fly by and to not disturb their magnificent flight.
    They where not buzzing or causing any destruction, it seems like I was in their path and so I had move away.

  4. I dreamt I was in my work building and thru the windows saw huge swarms approaching.. as they came closer they we’re human form looked like the men like ones that are shot out from canons flying everywhere in the sky.. .. and flying past the building…after was followed by swarm of insects which I thought we’re locusts.. went outside to pick the remains and they we’re fat cooked prawns and calamari rings….. in real life I am about to leave my job as becoming dissatisfied… any link do u think or what would it mean???

  5. I had a dream of locust flying down fRon a hill and then I could see myself with the large locust entering my eyes and mouth. At the end I could only see a greenish pattern in my vision and a voice that told me to not be afraid, for we are one.
    This dream is burnt into my memory because I have never had a dream like this. I live by my dreams and use them as a guide. But this dream really makes me think