Maggot in Dreams

Dreaming of maggots is very bad and should be analyzed carefully. Maggots represent the eating away of the dead, and thus destroying your sense of sanity. It is also foretelling of issues that are being ignored and which will catch up with you and likely to impart a destructive period in your life. Take care of your pending problems and stop maggots from coming into your dreams.

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280 thoughts on “Maggot in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream of maggots sucking on me. In the dream i kept looking down at my foot and there were coloured maggots sucking my foot. It was like they were growing off me. Some started to grow off my hand as well.

  2. I had a dream that white maggots are crawling under my skin. I caught it by hand on my left arm and I tore my skin as I discovered that they are white maggots. I felt disgusted. This is a very weird dream! I am very worried šŸ˜ž

  3. I had a dream that maggots are eating my body and I clear them away but I told the person i was together with after I cleared them away I felt the pain of their bite on my body. Please help with the interpretation. Thank you.

  4. I had a dream about, that I was going to shower and when I turn the water on, the water came out dirty and with maggots . Also few of my friends were in the dream and my mom was telling me to sell a old toy car for her ,to a friend that I haven’t seen in years ..

  5. I had a dream about that I was gonna shower and when I turn the water in the water came out dirty and with maggots . Also few of my friends were in the dream and my mom was telling me to sell a old toy car for her ,to a friend that I haven’t seen in years ..

  6. In my dream I was sitting in my room, packing clothes or something with my mother, when all of a sudden a yellow maggot fell from the ceiling. When we looked up, there were multiple maggots, some yellow, some white. I had a dream previously about something like this, but it was only one or two maggots I saw in the kitchen.

  7. I was climing a very big rock and in a corner I found my dead mother and she had hands covering face and she was crying when I took her hands out of her face she was crying and her tears where maggots rolling down her face. She didn’t say anything to me. I knew it was her because. Recognize her hands

  8. So I had this REALLY REALLY weird dream! I was in the bathroom and I would look @ my head and I had maggots/and or worms coming out my head šŸ˜ØšŸ˜±šŸ˜³šŸ˜§ like sooo many!!! The worms were like spaghetti a ridiculous amount and the maggots were fat leaving like holes in my head as I squeezed them out. This is the weirdest dream ever honestly I’m freaked out! šŸ˜­

  9. In my church a brother of mine who ‘ s unbeliever standing as if he drove d vehicle infront of a vehicle full of maggots even pouring from d vehicle

  10. I had a dream that me and my sisters were watching an artist as she was getting her make up done and I asked why is it that every time she’s around they’re maggots around?someone answered cause she’s dead and I looked on the floor there was a lot if dead maggots except one that was moving and my older sister stepped on it barefooted and killed it.Then we went looking for a pastor to pray over everything he came found supposedly dead old men poked their eyes so they can’t us.Crazy thing is my late sister was in the dream as well.Please help it scared me.

  11. Joyeeta

    I saw am swimming on a pond….after swimming I come up to take my son for a bath in the pond…when I was on my way to give him a bath my wife shouted and told me not to go there for a bath as because in that side of the pond there are insects….after that immediately i come out of the pond and noticed that my mouth is itching due to some insects….I just tried to vomit….and saw that some small fruits with three dots and a few maggots are coming out of my mouth….
    Plz help me understand the meaning of my dream……

  12. I dreamed I was having an injection in my groin and as I put the needle in a huge hole appeared full of and oozing pus a and I looked down at my leg to see it all infected and maggots eating it I went to hospital where they said I needed my leg amputated, please what does this mean???

  13. In my dream I was going somewhere, and I got to where my grandmother was and she told me to take a bag. I took the bag and it was a garbage bag, and I saw maggots inside, so i was trying to throw away the bag and suddenly I was lay under a white sheet trying to get some sleep and the white maggots was crawling all over the sheet. As I went to shake it off they got on me, because they were under the sheet with me and the more I shake it off the more the landed on me and was under the sheet with me. I was so lazy to get up, so the maggot became more and more until they started crawling over my feet and I felt them getting into my shoe and I hated it. It was disgusting, scaring, and very nasty. So in my mind I was thinking, let me just get some sleep and I get rid of it later, but it felt so nasty and they felt so slimy crawling into my shoes, by the millions. oh my. I jump out of my sleep trying to get them off of me and turned on my light, and realize I was dreaming.

    I am in my 40s. I am in college and struggling with if I should finish or not. I am getting my AA and I am debating if I should continue for my BA, it is really bothering me. Also, I left an abusive relationship two years ago and I miss my ex-fiance still. I have no intention of going back, but I have not been in another relationship since, i’m disgusted with Black men. I will not date them anymore, and for the most part I don’t even want to look at them. I am somewhat content with my feelings, but I know that the feelings isn’t right. However, I still hate them.

  14. In my dream, I was going to the bathroom and all of a sudden started throwing up maggots. I remember throwing so much up I started panicking in the dream because I couldn’t get them out of my mouth fast enough to breath. I found out from a friend in the dream that there was a girl on the news who died from this same thing. I continued back at home throwing up maggots and my entire family was there and called an ambulance. I remember talking about what if I died with my boyfriend over the phone while he was working and he was leaving work to come to the hospital. I woke up as soon as it was time to leave and go to the hospital.

  15. In my dream I saved the really unique gray fox from a pack of dogs while I was going to meet family. I carried him all day around them. For some reason I went on Google to check on how to care for him and it said they carry maggots on them. I looked down and my arm was covered, some I was able to clear off and some dug in to my skin. I went to the ER and they said they can only take a few out so I left with them eating at my arm. Poking in and out my skin, what does this all mean. I never dreamed anything like this b4.

  16. I Dreamt that i was staying at a motel with family members and i went tothe bathroom ran the water put clothes in the sink to wash them and out of nowhere i notice maggots in the water, i drain the water out and looked ing the sink again and they were in both sink ,the tub ,and on my clothes then all sudden i felt something on my back so i lifted my shirt up only to see what it was and it was maggots crawling slithering on my back leaving black stains then i woke up

  17. I dreamt I had a cut in my hand, but it was more like a hole filled with pus then a cut. I started squeezing it and maggots began to come out. The later in the dream I was in a dark room and there was this giant slug/leach thing, which I discovered is what the maggots in my hand evolve into.

  18. I dreamt I was outside near the garbage can speaking with some little girls and I saw 3 maggots in her hair. 1 was rolling itself in her hair..

  19. I had a dream about maggot moving around the floor of my house immediately I took a brush and I started sweeping them away that was when I now woke up from dream pls help me to interpret it in a Christian way maybe God is trying to tell me something.

  20. On February 27 2017 my dream was I Was preparing a raw chicken once I look down I noticed maggots for crawling up my arms inside my skin got nervous and I asked my friend help me I need to cut my skin so I could bleed out the maggots and that’s when I woke up

  21. I dreamt I was getting in the shower and I saw 3 to 4 pieces of what I thought was cooked rice on the shower floor and as the water began to hit them they began to move. I immediately notice that they weren’t rice but maggots. I sprayed them with the shower hose but then I notice there were maggots coming not out of the shower hose, but out of the pipe. I woke up. What does that mean

  22. The maggots fell from the sky, They were getting on people the I love. It was thousands of them. One was crawling into my granddaughters back. They were piled up like dirt. There were four of them about 5ft long but they never moved. 2 I had swiped out of my mouth. That only got in because I’m running barefooted, swiping them of the people And family

  23. Had a dream of maggots coming out of my hands, not the palms but the other side. I was with my mom at that time and I asked her if we could go and buy something to get rid of the maggots, she agreed. That is where the dream ended.

  24. It started with me waking up in my old bed in my old room at my dads house, (I don’t live there anymore). I realized I needed to feed my cat, and my cats food bowls were right below a plant that I have in front of the window, and then I noticed there were maggots all over this plant and the wall behind it, I felt a desperate need to get rid of the plant but I was really afraid to even touch it, I went out of my room to find a garbage can to throw it in, i brought it into my room and couldn’t bring myself to touch it to throw it away, I left my room and there were these guys that saw my problem and said this is a severe infestation and can only be taken care of by professionals. So when I came back to my room, the plant was gone, and the maggots were to, but it had left behind this dark brown ugly spot on the white wall behind it. And that’s all I remember, what does this mean??

  25. I dreamt and i saw maggots allover my body but later saw a woman washing away those maggot with water and all the maggots left my body. Please i need interpretation to this dream.

  26. I dreamed that maggots were coming out of my friend’s new baby’s Back, And when I looked around, I realized there were maggots everywhere!

  27. I just woke up from a dream where tons of maggots were crawling out of my skin all over my body. Hands,arms, legs, face and extra amounts coming out of my lips… not from inside my mouth just from inside my lips…. What could/does this mean?

  28. I had a dream that it was my birthday and eventually in my dream I began feeling this weird feeling and as I looked at my elbows I had maggots in them and I was squeezing them out and I was scared, when I squeezed them all out, I had lil holes in my elbows.

  29. I had a dream where these maggots was all over this woman’s neck and her house was nasty! It’s weird though this lady used to be a lunch aid back when I was an elementary! ! What does this mean. I’m really worried

    1. I had a similar dream. Chubby yellow maggots were oozing out of the corner of a ceiling and I was worried that they could have fallen on a baby girl that sat there before. I don’t know why I had this disgusting dream.

  30. I’ve had dreams of coughing and vomitting blood for two nights in a row. The first night I was outside violently vomitting blood and when looking closer saw maggots in the blood but were not covered in the blood. The second night also very violent coughing up blood. I find this quite concerning and need to know more.

  31. I dreamt about maggots and white small worms coming out of my elbow, in dream I was trying to get them out from my elbow and a lady and a small girl helped me to pick them out. We were succeeded to pick out all the small worms and a big kinda maggot but an orange one,the biggest of all was still there and I woke up. Please someone explain to me the meaning