Mosquito in Dreams

Dreaming of mosquitoes represent problems that are currently bugging you. Whether it is buzzing around and waiting to take a quick draw of blood to feed itself, the mosquito must be squashed before your days return to normalcy. Your goals for wealth and happiness are on hold while these obstacles continue to trouble you as pestering mosquitoes.

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10 thoughts on “Mosquito in Dreams”

  1. I was invited to a house I didn’t know the people there as soon as I got inside the house there were swarms of masqitoes everywhere. I kept trying to cover up to keep them from biting meanwhile someone was trying to kill me and the persons I was with.

  2. I had a dream that a house was haunted. We came outside to have a prayer session over the house, and all at once millions of tiny mosquitoes came flying out and attacking us all.

  3. I just had a dream where someone I knew opened up these 2 different portals by a huge lake, which caused millions of Mosquitos to come flying out. Additionally there were 2 white orbs floating above the lake. Weird stuff.

  4. I had a dream where a few hundred really large mosquitoes size of a tennis balls were chasing me. As I ran away they were biting me. I saw a big gasoline truck that I knew was full. I shot at the tank and the gasoline was pouring out. I ran as fast as I could and then turned around and shot again. The gas ignited and killed all the.mosquitoes at once. The explosion was so strong that it sent me flying a few feet. When.I got up on my feet I had a few bites all over my back and chest that were swelling with pus that hurt a bit but I was alive and well.
    What that heck does this mean??

  5. I had a dream that I was with family in a gathering then I was suddenly with coworkers and we were stealing something and we are trying to get away through some elevator doors and back to our room of gathering were we all had costumes and various closets. So I entered the elevator but I remember I was being chased and so I entered one of the closets to hide then I was attacked by a swarm of Mosquitos biting me. I remembered the west nile dangers and I started swatting them killing them. They slowly decreased in quantity but I remember seeing their bodies and they were larger than normal and white bodies and one I killed right on my arm and it left a bump on my arm. I remember feeling concerned about the disease they could transfer onto me that I started punching on the bump on my arm and a small tube started coming out of my skin. Like this was what the mosquito injected unto me. Then I woke up. Super strange please explain.

  6. My dream was more like a vision with a forgotten dream. I remember dreaming then my dream was interrupted with a vision of a person standing in front of a swarm of mosquitos. I am not sure if it was myself or someone else. after seeing the vision I woke up. The mosquitos and the person in my vision were still, they were not attacking at that time, just there!

  7. I saw a dream where I came across a giant mosquito, and it did a suicide charge right into my mouth killing itself.. It was weird..

  8. I had a dream that I was with my family going on a “vaction” and I was talking to my brother in the car with the windows down. We were all laughing. When I looked at my legs they were full of mosquitoes, so I leaned over to swip them off and then from another angle I saw million of mosquitoes on my back and I didn’t want to lean back on the seat to kill them because I thought it would be gross to have all that blood on my back. Then I woke up. But all those mosquitoes were only on me but didn’t bite me….

  9. I had a dream where I was in a dark room. Then, came a light that was blinding. It faded to a regular magnitude of lighting, which revealed I was surrounded by mosquitos, who began to drag out and devour my heart. The dream lasted until a few moments after my entire heart was eaten, and there was enough bites in me for my skin to be breaking apart. I woke up with an empty feeling in my chest and a dull and soft ache where the tears in my skin were.

  10. I had a dream there were millions of mosquitos flying all around our house. There were so many that you could here them fly, and it cause the sky to be darkened. Then I said, let’s pray. and when I got down on my knees, they vanished immediatly