Praying Mantis in Dream

When a praying mantis appears in your dream, it is an indication of a relationship’s pending doom. Its predatory natural represents how you have handled or mistreated your partners. At this point, it is your call to end the relationship or let the relationship run the course and ruin you.

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11 thoughts on “Praying Mantis in Dream”

  1. I dreamt that a praying mantis was on the ceiling over my bed. It fell from the ceiling onto my bed and then I knocked it off my bed and then I killed it with my flip flop. What could this mean?

  2. I dreamed I was in a situation where I needed to find a bathroom. The public bathrooms were disgusting. Every stall I went into had some sort of problem that made me look for another stall. This one stall had a praying mantis climbing up the toilet base.

  3. I dreamed I was helping a friend remove the praying mantis, and showed her that there harmless next thing I know it felt like it was scratching my head out like a cat. And then I woke up

  4. As I closed my eyes the other night it felt as if I immediately started to see a vision, or dream.. but I wasn’t yet sleeping. I don’t remember it in its entirety, but I do remember seeing two praying mantis hand-in-hand dancing around in a circle. It was a quick flash and I jolted awake, the kind of feeling when you dream you are falling and it jolts you awake… I felt a sense of fear or sadness for a moment. I figured it must have something to do with my life, as I very often have symbolic dreams with animals in them that mean something directly related to what I’m going through at that time. After finding the meaning online, and everything I am going through in my marriage now, I know this means it is truly the end. I’m so heartbroken, but we’ve been doomed from the start. My intuition has never lied about anything.

  5. I had a dream of human size praying mantis. I was amazed then suddenly he begon trying to eat me so i ran fastly and scared

  6. Had a dream that a green praying mantis was waiting for his prey to come close, then it killed its prey and began to eat it..

  7. I dreamed that I discovered a preying mantis borrowed in my left thigh with its head sticking out, there was no pain just a very slight discomfort while I was inside the house. I felt no fear nor was I alarmed. Later, as I was running around outside I noticed that it was slowly coming out of its borrow. I called my son over to see it, and even tried to delay its exit so that my son could see it coming out, which he did. My son and I saw the hole that was left in my thigh were the preying mantis was, it left unharmed and without event.

  8. oh my God! So true. I found out that my fiance has been cheatin on me and when i confronted him about it he assaulted me infront of our son. in my sleep i dreamed of two huge praying mantis grabbing my clothes and pulling me. I cant believe how on point this is!

  9. oh awesome! My boyfriend woke up telling me about the weird praying mantis dream he was having and I looked up the meaning! Now I’m trying not to let it bother me, aggggh.