Ringworm in Dream

Ringworm does not appear on the human body naturally; it is a fungal infection. When you dream about ringworm, then you are likely already facing or likely to contract some type of infection. Acting as a warning sign in your dream, it is best to be cautious of activities that are detrimental to your health.

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14 thoughts on “Ringworm in Dream”

    1. In my dream I saw a baby with ring worms on her chest. Later she may on her stomach with her dad besides her right side. Her head was facing left. Her patents were young Indians from Asia. Her mother was branding my daughter’s hair. When completed as we walked away I saw ringworms all over my arms.

  1. I dreamed I was at work (I work in a pharmacy). I looked down at my arm and saw a swirl & raised skin. I scratched the end of the swirl off and could see a large white worm inside the swirl under my skin in the shape of a ribbon. In the dream I got a Kleenex and griped the part of the worm I could see and pulled it all out. I then threw it away. I then leaned over the counter and asked an unknown female person to fill me something prescription strength for ringworm to apply to my skin where the worm had been I just pulled out. My alarm went off and I woke up at 5 am. Very bizarre dream!! Made no sense to me at all. I have never had a ring worm in my life. :/

  2. A friend dreamt of seeing me by my old place. I was wearing a faded black shirt. I walked passed her and she noticed that i had spider webs in my hair. She called out to me but i didn’t turn. I stopped suddenly and turned to walk back and she noticed a pale and flaky huge patch of ring worm on my forehead.

  3. I had a dream I was with group of people I knew one happen to be my ex and I was sitting far from them I looked at my solder and seen a circle around a tattoo I don’t have and was freaking out because I had ring warm and it was a big one everyone one of my friends was on my ex side no one wanted to pay attention to me I was worried about the ringworm but also upset I seen him and he didn’t care

  4. I have a lump on my neck which I’m currently waiting to get an MRI. Last night I had a dream that a ring worm was around that lump, I also had hives all around my neck

  5. I dreamt I saw a wing worm on someone in the neck area, I touched it and it started crawling into my arm, I immediately felt it under my skin and traveling towards my arm, then I woke up.

  6. I dreamt that i had these itchy bumps on my butt cheeks and hips. I dreamt that i squeezed one of the bumps after scratching it, it turned into a ring kind of cuped formation and then brownish blackish worm like things came out and turned into these blue like flowers. I went to a doctor of some sort and he told me it was just ring worm then i woke up….

  7. I had a dream that I was wearing a crown made of ringworms, but cant remember the whole dream. That’s why am here trying to find what it meant.

  8. I saw a girl with a baby in my back yard. I asked if I could help and she said no, I told her she was on my property and that she needed to tell me what was wrong. She looked like a junky, she said she had already lost her daughter on the street once. I began to help them. I held the little girl in my arms and took her to play with the family. I’m not sure how much time passed but I noticed ringworm on both arms. I was afraid the little girl gave them to me. I went to the hospital and they said the ring worms were caused by different things. The color in the middle of them was different. One was green and the Dr Said it was caused by a green worm, another was a different shades of green he said that one was caused by leaves, another was a light drown and he said it was caused by an armadillo. He said i would be ok but it was the strangest dream :/

  9. I dreamed about my Mother, who passed 3 years ago, coughing up ringworms, I was quite alarmed and said MOM! That’s not good! and felt the urgent need that we had to get it checked out immediately.

    1. I dreamed that I was in a salon, getting my arms and legs scrubbed. I was enjoying it so much and once I left, I noticed a white ring on my right forearm. Wasn’t sure what it was. I went back to the salon to complain, then looked at my arm again and it was a black circle now, and then I touched it, and realized it felt bumpy and it looked like it was moving. Then I saw a tiny worm head sticking out of the edge of the circle! I freaked out and pulled it out ASAP! It was so nasty.