Scarab in Dreams

Scarabs have an association to death and immortality. When you dream about scarabs, it usually means you are anxious about your own mortality. You are wishing to live longer, better health, and overall good fortune. Ease your mind of the scarabs dream by going out and enjoy the company of the living.

The ancient Egyptians practiced mummifying the dead and burying them in tombs with scarabs as guardians.

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One thought on “Scarab in Dreams”

  1. I just had a very uneasy dream. That is the feeling when I woke up and I felt very scared when I was dreaming. I dreamt that I walked into this house, the house felt safe and familiar. Walked into a room, where a person who I knew showed me a massive scarab beetle all pitch black. I wanted it outside so I tried to take it out with a brush. I fell to the floor with the scarab beetle and the beetle just came running towards me fast and got on my body. I froze I couldn’t move and then I woke up.