Spiders in Dream

Dreaming of spiders means an attachment to multitasking. You cannot contain yourself from getting involved in other people’s business even if they don’t want you to. This leads to strained business relationships and potential failings in your financial foundation.

Spiders also represent aiming for perfection when building a home or trapping for food. Every web you build is the exact replica of the previous versions.

The foundation and support that you seek may lay with your spider dream. It is letting you know to start laying the ground works of one web at a time until you have a big web to catch the opportunities that come.

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2 thoughts on “Spiders in Dream”

  1. I do have another question as well, as this has been a keeping coming up. I have a fear for spiders, I would say the “normal” kind of fear. But I am insanely fascinated by them. So for example, I go to the Zoo, I always end up just staring at the for the longest time, being disgusted but yet, very fascinated by them.

    Lately I have had a lot of dreams about spiders. Not insects, just spiders. I dream very often that a big tarantula starts approaching me from the bottom of the bed, by my feet. I see it and wake up instantly, but I am still dreaming as I am half asleep. I stand up next to the bed and I have that cold shivering fear. Then I start lifting the covers gently to see if I can find it. I then slowly start to wake up and realize it was just a dream.

    I have read that this has a bad meaning, anxiety related. But I am not sure. Any ideas? Could it be my past? I have had a tough childhood and haven’t really expressed my emotions and thoughts around this and only worked with it with myself. Could this be related to this?

    Thank you again!


  2. I dreamed that I was facing a black widow spider, and had nothing that I could hit it with. I clenched my fish and struck the spider. Then I woke up realizing that I swung and hit my boyfriend in my sleep.