Tapeworm in Dreams

Dreaming about tapeworms indicate poor health and discomfort in digestive tracts. Tapeworms are a cause for worry because they are parasites that feed off the nutrients required by the human body. Often the dreamer of tapeworms is already in a sickly shape due to their health deteriorating.

Stop analyzing your tapeworm dream; and seek out a health professional immediately.

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16 thoughts on “Tapeworm in Dreams”

  1. My dream was about me skyping my best friend that moved far away and I put my leg up and saw I hat these weird dots al over my legs so I ran and told everybody but they told me I would be fine and then I sat back down and I started to use all my strength to move my hands down my legs to see what’s inside and once I did that a bunch of tapeworms just came out of them and I pulled my skin off and I kept pulling it off until I saw bone and there were just little worms crawling all over…

  2. I dreamt I kept pulling tape worms out of my mouth. It was one after another it wouldn’t stop. Some were large some were small. And they were all different colors. It was scary scary dream

  3. I dreamed I was in some kind of large warehouse with my dog (who has had a few cases of tapeworms). I can’t remember exactly if I pulled the tape worm out of myself or if it was just trying to get inside of me. but it was chasing me & then would circle up & start doing flips like some worms do. I was freaked out in my dream because it wouldn’t stop chasing me! If anyone has any idea of what this dream could mean, it would be greatly appreciated lol.

  4. i had a dream last night that I had a fish in a tank and the fish started to give birth to different species of fish then a giant tape worm came out of the fish and it covered the whole house. then the fish had more babies of different speices and some were twice the size of the original fish and covered in blood (like new born hman babies) then it turned into a cat. the fish belonged to a neighbour and I took him to court and I won he was centanced to 5 years in prison and lost his job.

  5. To use them in your dreams as fish bait, foretells that by your ingenuity you will use your enemies to good advantage.

  6. I dreamed I was at a party, drinking or something. I felt really sick, but I couldn’t throw up. I stuck my finger down my throat and felt something and pulled out a huge huge tape worm. I felt it coming up and everything. I could even.. Taste it. It fell to the ground and I threw up and threw up. So many times… Definitely not a happy dream.

  7. I dreamed my head hurt and I went to the doctors. At the hospital a doctor went up my nose and pulled this huge tapeworm out of it and said I had that in my sinuses. I was really freaked when he gave it to me to throw away. The worm was alive and I was worried it was going to go inside me again.

  8. I dreamed of an open cut on my left arm, i started to squeeze the area and the white part of a tapeworm came popped out, i pulled and pulled and the whole long white tapeworm came out. I threw it on the ground, it must of been 30 ft. it was still alive. I stood feeling sick, thinking there must be more inside of me. Then i felt down below and felt one coming out of my bottom, i was pulling pieces of worms out. I kept pulling and pulling them out. I believe i was covering myself below, but asked my father to see what i was pulling out. My father died 20+ years ago.

  9. I had a dream where I kept cleaning out dead tapeworms from my hermit crab tank. Then I was at an out door camp ground festival that was packed with a bunch of people. There was this older biker man who was infected with tapeworms. I was very concerned I or other people might catch it from him and I kept washing my hands. What does this dream mean?!?!?

  10. I had a dream that I didn’t realise there were tape worms everywhere and my stepdad worn me, when I looked down they were everywhere. I went out of the house, when I looked at my hands the were crawling into my skin. One I manged to pull out and throw it but the 5 got in. I was talking to my mum and we was disgusting that tapeworms can help you lose weight. I joked saying well I know I having had them for long as I’m this size!(I’m a lager end of size 14) What does this dream mean, if anyone can shed some light on it that would be great. Thanks

  11. All I can remember from my dream, is having my gums exposed and a large cyst coming out from them. Then tapeworms came out. With large round mouths on the end, clinging to my mouth and throat. I remember keeping the worms in my mouth…filling with blood and the wiggling of the worms. I had to pull them off of my skin and I held them. I looked in my mouth and it was scarred and bloody. Its weird, but I love dreams like this.

  12. I just woke up from a dream and I am really grossed out. In my dream I had a rash on my left arm. At first I thought it was just behind my elbow but then someone pointed out that it was all down the underpart of my forearm. I asked my grandmom if she knew what the rash was because it looked really bad and I wanted to get rid of it. She used a magnifying glass that looked more like one of those glasses jewelers use to analyze diamonds and told me it was parasite worms and that I should go to the doctor immediately for antibiotics to get rid of them. The problem was that it was evening and offices were closed and I knew I was too grossed out to think about anything else or sleep, so I went in the bathroom and scratched my arm with my nails. Tapeworms began appearing in the hundreds, falling off where skin had been. Occasionally, I’d find a “tunnel” in my skin and I was able to slowly squeeze the worms out of the tunnel one at a time. The sink was filled with tapeworms which I kept washing down the drain. There was never blood, but soon I had scabs appearing on my wrist and forearm. Most of the worms were removed, all the ones I could get, and I resolved to go to the doctor in the morning to get antibiotics to get rid of the rest. What do you think it means?

  13. I dreamed of a green tapeworm. It was like the magic trick where you are pulling the never ending hankerchief from you mouth, instead it was a green tapeworm. What could this possible mean.

  14. Just a few hours ago i had to wake myself from this horrible dream that would not get better. i dreamed that i sneezed a huge tapeworm out. Then later in my dream i could feel them crawling up my throat and my sister and i would pull them out. (i can hardly write this and even think about it because it was so gross) The tapeworms were full of blood. Can someone help me. i have no idea what this means.

    1. you are not alone, hilary. i have recurring, terrifying dreams about tapeworms squirming out of me and trying to pull them out but they slip out of my hands and wriggle back inside… very terrifying

      1. I have a similar dream like Hillary. I dreamed tapeworms crawling up my throat and I pull them out with handful of tapeworms. Many of them were big as my little finger and they’re all alive. The analysis for that dream of tapeworms seems not suited the case because I’m fit and healthy. The dream may indicate a troublesome relationship. The dreamer may have friends who tend to be suckers. They try to take benefit or advantage on the dreamer. Furthermore, that relationship get the dreamer’s family to get involved to help work thing out.