Wasp in Dreams

Dreaming about a wasp is associating yourself back to a situation that has stung you in the past where you are most hurt and vulnerable. In return, the hatred towards this helplessness has grown in you. However, it is not a healthy situation because the energy required to hate someone or something is tremendous, which keeps you from being optimally functional throughout the waking hours.

To move forward, you must kill the wasp in your dreams. Take over the fear, and continue with your life.

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5 thoughts on “Wasp in Dreams”

  1. In my room , I seat down a wasp and look at it saying to myself holy crap a wasp in my room? Look up to the light and ceiling fan a lot of wasps are inside and I go on a killing spree killing all the wasps. I use this power after awhile it’s a power from a story called destiny that a character has its an arrow that hits a surface and slows everything by tethering it to that arrow. I did that to the ceiling easily killing the wasps. I woke up after that it was 3 am.

  2. I had a dream about Wasps for time last night.My Mon was lying in a bed but she had this face protector thing on her face.But there were a bunch of wasp sitting on her face protector.I told her don’t move.I went and got some bug spray.My mom said to me don’t let that spray get in my face.I told her I’m not as I was spraying towards the wasp they scattered out all around me and I started running.they were every where.

  3. I keep having dreams about mohogany wasps. I feel them touch me but they do not sting me. This dream has happened at least 3 or 4 times now and I normally don’t remember my normal dreams. I don’t hate them but I prefer for them to stay far away from me.

  4. What does it mean if I was walking with my parents in my dream and my father said, “Oh no!“ and pointed to a wasp killing a butterfly?