Worm in Dreams

Dreaming about worms is your own feeling of weakness and defenselessness. As a result, the confidence level of yourself or someone your love is at an extreme low. Every waking hour, you feel a need to meander slowly in dirt as a worm because there are individuals waiting to take advantage of you.

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23 thoughts on “Worm in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream that i was squeezing worms out of my nipples like pimples. They were about two inches long and the size and color of a sucker stick after a child had it. When I pulled them out, I could feel the tight pulling sensation from inside my breasts. It hurt a little but not much. With each one I pulled out, I felt relief and disgust. Please help, this dream has me absolutely freaked out.

  2. I had a dream that a worm was coming through the tile in the wall. In my dream I went to tell someone and when I came back the worm was even larger coming through the wall. I walked away again and when I came back in panic the worm was a baby now laying on the counter.

  3. I had a dream that tiny worms were crawling all over my skin. They were on the outside of my skin all over my arms and they were visible. As I noticed them, I did nothing about them, I was disgusted and shocked by them being on me. Then in that moment both snakes and worms began to crawl all over my body. The snakes were moving up and down my body. I think I woke up after that.

  4. I had a dream that i was walking in shallow water and all of a sudden i placed my feet on an animal.. After sometime i felt something itchy in my leg n saw lots of pores in my feet. So i squeezed them n I saw lots of white tape worm like worms are getting out of my feet i started banging my legs n they were falling down on the floor and i was getting rid of them. Till evening i almost cleaned everything only one was left that too i took out. At last i was free from those worms. What does these dream signify?

  5. I had of dream my sister had of we worm on her face her husband was standing next to her I was in front of her

  6. I had a dream that there was a tree outside my grandfather’s bedroom window with fat purple worms falling from the tree, there was so many they got thru his window in bedroom and were crawling all over him. I looked and I COULDNT SEE HER FACE but I know my deceased grandmother was there and I asked what she was doing and she said trying to get the worms of your daddy. Then as I appeared to have left some had fell in my car but they were dead and black in the door pocket.

  7. I dreamed I pulled a small worm 1/2 white, 1/2 black from the palm of my right hand. It was resistive at first but second try I pulled it out completely. What does it mean?

  8. I had a dream I was pulling worms out of my hand most of them was small and did hurt but 2 were large and kind of hurt when I pulled them out what does this mean.

  9. I had a dream that there was worms coming out of my breast and I pulled them out I was really upset but it didn’t hurt they didn’t keep coming out. I had a big slit in my breast after I could see all the bones in my body. The bottom half of my body was basically gone. I had all the bones lying in front of me and with desperation I was trying to put them together to put them back on. What does this mean in my dream it was so scary as though I was going to die. Idk what this means but I’m desperate to know.

  10. I don’t remember a lot of the dream just three parts. First I see a lot of large gray worms in what looks like a shallow grave on one side of a house. Next I see a bigger number of larger gray worms in another shallow grave on a different side of a house or a different house. I then see a much larger number of much larger gray worms in another shallow grave. I. have had this same dream for the last three days. Any idea what it could mean.

  11. I had a dream that I had a dime size maybe even smaller hole on my right arm to be specific, in that hole was a long worm sticking out of it but it wasn’t a slimy worm it was dry-ish and I had a weird fork like tail , it looked approximately 5 inches long and the width of it was maybe like a thick straw , in the dream when I saw the worm I pulled it out and looked inside of my arm where the hole was at completely noninfected just a hole right beneath my skin not into my meat just Right under my skin, I saw about four more worms Up towards my arm and shoulder area I could feel them and making their way down to the hole so I would try to push them in that direction to yank them out ..I felt completely grossed out and violated that they were their ; but the hole looked Iike it had been there , looked almost welcoming, and I had never noticed it . In that moment I wanted it gone asap .

  12. My dream is always the same, that I’m bathing a puppy an there is this long worn slithering in the water, that has come out of the puppy. I wake up after that.

  13. Maybe none of your dreams were dreams at all. Maybe the dream worms, were government nano worms infesting you all? Not trying to be rude or funny here, or trying to sound like a conspiracy kook either, just asking, is all.

  14. I dreamed i had a worm in my breast, i was trying to sqeeze it and my all inside breast out from my right breast, then i head one left breast biger then the right. What dose it means

  15. I dreamed I looked in the mirror and saw what looked like a white thread or string looping in my cheek. When I pulled on it a long white tapeworm came out. Before I could kill it the worm slid down into the sofa I was sitting on.

  16. I had a dream last night that my right breast was full of white small worms and they were coming out, I didn’t have to squeeze. what could this mean? please help.

  17. I saw the same dream like Shakila today…I saw millions of worms are falling down from sky like rain and they are creeping all around. I was using an umbrella to protect me. Sometimes later I found a way to get rid of those dirty creepy things, suddenly a large fire ( like forest fire) came and killed many of them…I got an idea and used fires to get rid of those nasty worms…please tell me the meaning of this weird dream…I am so disturbed

  18. I dream that worms are falling from the sky on my face like rain.it bothers me too much . I use a plastic jacket to protect my self I cover my face with plastic. until the worm rain is over

  19. In my dream, worms were coming out of my upper thighs, scary, then i squeezed some brackish fluid from the holes in my legs after the worms were gone. In my dream I remember thinking (besides being grossed out) that thank god I got the toxins or poison out of my body.

    Any thoughts on this? And what about the location on my upper thighs? thx!

  20. I had a dream that I was sitting on a worm. I started pulling at the worm and as I pulled, it turned into a snake. The snake bit me on my hand and then I pulled the head off the snake and laid it on the ground.

  21. Your boyfriend is keeping a lot of secrets from you. He shows you a face but you end up discovering another. He is hiding a nagging problem which is eating deep into him like a cankerworm. He puts up a manly face portraying deception. Have a heart to heart talk with him and be bold in every circumstance.

  22. i had a dream that has been bothering me all day. In the dream, i saw my boyfriend. He had ingrown hairs that were so prominent and so big on his face. I decided i was gonna pick them out for him. As i pulled one out, it was huge and wobbly in my hand i quickly threw it to the floor and it ddnt look like hair at all but a huge jelly-like , worm-like wobbly substance and as i looked at it, i was so disgusted i decided to run away.

    I have been trying to think what this could mean to me but could not find a sensible explanation. Please hep.