Aurora Borealis in Dreams

Dreaming of aurora borealis means whatever you are dealing with currently is giving off excess energy. It is your desire to capture the escaping energy, which is both warm and positive. Don’t wait for the aurora borealis to dissipate before your moment of opportunity has passed. It is also a very good indication that your actions immediately after the aurora borealis dream will be received warmly.

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2 thoughts on “Aurora Borealis in Dreams”

  1. I have been dealing with some stuff (like all of us do) and my dream state has been offering things from the past combined with things from my present to offer teaching guidance. Last night I had a dream where the word AURORA was meant to stick with me and I am researching now. The fact that the dreams were not pleasant brought me to My Demons greeting me as a friend.!!! Like a puzzle.
    Ringing in the ears and even my ears began to hurt. Buzzing now with excitement.


  2. The Northern Lights were casually circling me in an open, grassy, field. I was in awe of the colors and the overwhelming feeling of calm and the truest form of happy. Then I was distracted by someone and then the circle was fading out.