Autumn Dream

Autumn is a season of change. When you dream of Autumn, leaves are turning brown falling off trees. The warmth and excitement is coming close to an end; replaced by transformation and change.

All good things go through cycles, and when Autumn appears in a dream, you can certainly expect the highs to go lowers, and the lows to go higher. Some positives turning negative, and some negative aspects of your life turning positive.

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One thought on “Autumn Dream”

  1. I had a dream that I was visiting a man that had an small arena filled with Autumn leaves. In the pile of leaves, there was a ride that would spin you around and dunk you into the leaves. I remember worrying about not being able to breath under the leaves but the man assured me that it was very easy to breath under the leaves. I went on the ride accompanied by other people and children and we were all tossed and twirled around and dunked under the leaves. It was a very fun ride and we all ended up safely back on the beginning platform.