Fire in Dreams

Dreaming of fire means there are certain things in your life that you cannot hold on to forever. It will eventually be a distant memory as fire consumes the tangibles and turn it into ash.

Fire in a dream can also be seen as a wake up call to create something of significances. Instead of being passive, your desires to succeed are lit and continues to burn brightly.

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5 thoughts on “Fire in Dreams”

  1. My fire dream was when I lit a candle in a cracked glass, but the glass broke. Then the hot wax landed on some TP, so I threw the little water I had on the fire, but some of the fire landed in a metal cup, and it did not get put out. The bottom of the cup began to glow hot red.I never finished the dream.

    What does it mean?

  2. In the dream, I look outside my windows and there is a fire in the yard. First there is darkness, then individual flames fly off from the center of the fire that turn into shapes of a person. I could not make out their faces, but they had arms, legs, and a body that was on fire.

    They were not in pain or anything, just persons shaped in flames. I don’t know what it means.

  3. I saw that someone says that there is fire outside of our home and home will burn, then i said please collect some accessories some clothes or shoes etc and then leave home before fire catches everything. then my father and brother cuts 2 trees near the wall so that we can easily jump from the wall and save ourselves..i didn’t see the fire but we all were worried.
    Please anyone tell me what does this dream means.

  4. i dreamt i was in a field of grass looking at a hill in front of me, i became drawn to the hill and started walking towards it, suddenly the field caught fire,i turned back and started to run but i was not afraid and i was not running from the fire,i was running to wake up a lion that was at the edge of the field.i got there in time and woke him and he was saved.

  5. I had a that my boyfriends how was burning i was there with his my and sister. I saw some guys ran up to the house i guess it was them who set it on fire and their reason was that he was to boast. The funny part of it is that my boyfriend left me there with his mother and went somewhere else I figured it was with another woman. I called him multiple times to check up on him. I know that this is a dream but what does it mean. The exterior of the house was burned but the inside was partially damaged but they still had their clothes and everything