Hail in Dreams

Hail in dreams represent a hectic and chaotic time in your life. There is a lot of conflict and commotion, you’re thrown off your normal routines and your life is changing drastically. You are being bombarded with things that you can’t fully handle and their getting out of control. You can’t control what’s going on and you’re caught in some type of storm where you can’t escape and you’re stuck. Just stick with it and wait for the storm to clear because once you work through it, a brighter day will come.

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One thought on “Hail in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream last night that I was mowing my parents yard. I’m 34 and haven’t lived there in years. I was having to use a push mower and the grass was so deep and thick I could hardly manage.
    When I was almost finished the sky turned black and I saw multiple tornadoes forming and descending from the sky.As I made my way to the shelter of my parents house it began to hail on me. The strang thing is that the hail was soft and powdery like balls of snow. Hundreds o them were hitting me.
    It was a very vivid and realistic dream. I just wonder if anyone can help me with what it means.