Lost in Woods Dream

When you’re lost in the woods in your dream, it represents confusion and chaos within your life. It means that you’re currently facing a dilemma that has got you stumped. You’re not sure of where to go or what to do. This can be seen as a relationship, where you don’t know whether to pursue it or not, or just a general choice where you’re unsure of the impacts and the decision you wish to make. Being lost, can also represent your state of mind. It shows that you’re flustered and not in balance. You’re thrown off and confused about a few things that’s going on at the moment.

Take the time to relax, and evaluate the decisions you need to make in your life. Find where you are, and work from there. Even if you’re at a point in your life where you’re confused and don’t have the slightest clue on what to do, just keep moving forward until you see the road that leads you out.

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6 thoughts on “Lost in Woods Dream”

  1. I was driving my husband somewhere and yells at me to give him back his 60 dollars and gets off my truck. I’m driving away and find myself lost in the woods. I’m scared. I see a guy and ask him to help me out, he tells me no figure it out. I woke up because my alarm rang. I didn’t get out of the woods…

  2. In this dream i was with my ex and some other guy who i couldnt place. We was driving down the road and all of a sudden the road split apart where we couldnt cross. So we got out the car and all 3 started walking. All of a sudden where just lost in the woods and we see this one house. So we go to it and my bf in the dream who is my ex now asks for directions and how to get where we were trying to go because the road collapsed. So the lady pointed to a bridge. He decided to go first and see if he could find a clear path and to find help. Me and the guy just waited around but my bf (ex) never came back across the bridge so me and the guy go to the bridge and there was this later there kinda had this Witch/fortune teller vibe going on and she was like guarding the bridge. So i asked her has she seen this guy (described my bf (ex)) and she said yea he went over the bridge but hes trapped (This is the part that freaked me out) She said ” He is covered in roots. He got trapped in the roots and he is walking in a circle” She said something to the extinct that “For 20 years he will walk this circle unless he could break the roots” something like that and i remember asking her well did you tell him this could happen and she said yea. At the end of the dream me and this random guy who had been with us the whole dream found comfort in each other and started dating. I felt this was weird. I mean it really felt like that lady was talking to my soul. Like she delivered that message to me. My ex cheated on me and walked away. He did not take responsibility for his actions and he moved on with the girl he cheated with right after we broke up. And for the lady in the dream to say He is trapped in the roots and cant get out, he was walking in a cirlce. That really stood out to me.

  3. I was looking for a friend who had been lost in the woods for days, I walk around for a while yelling her name. Then all of the sudden I hear her yell back and I came upon this cabin she was staying in with a cave close to it, we started to leave and we made it out of the woods back home and talked in the kitchen. I still don’t know what a lot of it means since I wasn’t the one lost but it’s good we made it out.

  4. I was on my way going to meet others and I had directions that eventually led me no where. I ended up at a dead end. I used gps again to find my way back. I thought I saw another way to the main road, but as I approached it, that way stemmed to step to climb, so I backtracked again, and pursued they way more feasible.

  5. This site gives me a clear view of Life..it really helps me see the reasons of my dreams and helps me to get over my fears! Thank you.

    1. I underwent hypnosis for a past life regression. I didn’t fall into a deep hypnotic state and see things that felt like experiences, but rather things I felt about myself.

      First I was in a forest, terrified. I was running, and it felt like I had been there for a while (like 1-2 days). There were so many trees, everything looked the same, and I wasn’t sure if I was getting closer to the exit or going deeper into the woods. I was in a state of panic (obviously, I was going to die if I didn’t get out soon). This is one of my biggest problems in my real life, that feeling of everything being the same, being overwhelmed, and running with no direction.

      The other one was in 1800’s frontier town, and an important figure was telling the town (myself included) how he was going to run things, and presenting his set of rules. I was laughing, because I thought he was a joke, thinking he was so important, and trying to tell me what to do, despite being dumber than I. Another issue in my life- I have a problem with authority figures.

      The first one stuck out, and is relevant to this post. Thank you very much for sharing, and I appreciate your willingness to help those looking for answers.