Mars in Dreams

The red planet, Mars was named after the Roman god of war. To visualize this planet in your dreams symbolizes passion, courage, power, and ambition. As the god of war, Mars was imbued with great masculine power, pride, and determination for avarice and success. As a result, seeing this planet in your dreams, represents your fiery motivation for achievement. Failure is not an option for you.

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2 thoughts on “Mars in Dreams”

  1. I was dreaming that I was with a group of people, Men , Woman & children whom I do not know. We were backpacking in Mars together and in harmony with one another. Afther setting up the tents we all went for a swim in a lake nearby. I was watching the sunset of Mars and tot to myslef what a beautify sunset it was, soon after that the sunset was so fast that it went all dark , I told everyone not to worry we got very brite touch , the lake was lite up and everyone continue thier swim. End of dream.

    Could someone help me interpret my dream and its meaning.

  2. okay. my dream is weird af. it started off and remained on earth everyone looking up to the sky and seeing a reddish planet with pinkish on fire maybe and someone saying that’s the god of war in the dream the name that came to me was Jupiter until i woke up to look up which planet was the god of war mars and it looked exactly alike. well after noticing the god of war i was on a dock near a unknown body of water with 5 females i was having sex with 2 a wet dream i may add. i also remember defending myself against real enemies in the dream but when i kill them they just layed there not really dying i killed about 5 people on that side of the body of water while the god of war was watching all on foot then i go back to the dock and 2 relatives and my current gf and 2 goddess like perfect women which i had sex with the 2 and then got on a boat to my hometown with my current gf. the god of war was no longer visible when i eft i seen a my enemies rise from the ground and where summoned up to the god of war for torture or judgement. when i arrived i had a sawed off 12 gauge in the arm of my sweater and 2 revolvers i did not have extra ammo in this new land i didn’t have to harm anyone but i was armed and ready as i was waking around like this people mumbling hes crazy i made it to an old friend house and he said i can stay as long as i needed to i then slashed my current gf neck 3 times she didn’t die she walked out and got into the car with her old friend and we never fight in reality. i then woke myself up and started looking for meanings of why the god of war was watching over me.. this is august the planet mars is supposed to be in some collusion with Jupiter. i understand now mars represents passion courage power and ambition which were all displayed in the dream. why me why are my dreams so vivid and why am i defending myself in so many dreams can anyone explain?