Neptune in Dreams

To dream about the planet Neptune, it symbolizes serenity, relaxation, imagination, and creativity. You are submerged with inspiration to explore and understand your loved ones. At the same time, you desire to provide companionship to your loved ones in times of need and adversity. Neptune is the Roman god of the oceans and water. Thus, this can be associated with purification and reflective qualities.

Dreaming about Neptune may indicate you may be in turmoil with your emotions as Neptune is associated with influences on your emotional side. When dealing with emotional situations, you are more prone to become sensitive to certain issues.

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2 thoughts on “Neptune in Dreams”

  1. Back in 2009 the whole year as far as I can remember all my dreams every night had to do with Neptune it was always there in the sky on earth, or mostly in outer space I have no idea this went on till 2010 where it still today happens every once in a while.

  2. So in my dream last night there was a total solar eclipse. I was sitting on the floor in an unfamiliar room, doing something that I can’t remember. It got dark outside & I remembered it was because of the eclipse. When I looked at the sky I could vividly see Jupiter, and although it scared me a little bit, I was in complete awe and had a feeling of comfort and content. The next time I looked at the sky the planet I saw was Neptune, the prettiest color blue. I remember seeing the corona and a short time later the eclipse ended.