North Star in Dreams

The North Star is an important guiding light to many lost travelers and people. Thus, seeing the North Star in your dream symbolizes that your pathway is illuminated and no longer shrouded in fog. Virtually, this means that you will be aided with the help of a guardian angel who will guide you through life in times of need and misfortune.

The North Star in your dream can also symbolize your importance in other people as a mentor or a guiding light. You have the ability to produce a great impact on others.

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One thought on “North Star in Dreams”

  1. About a month into being pregnant with my daughter, who was born on February 29th, I dreamt so vividly I could write a short story (and just might). I dreamt that I was out in an open field very, very far out, secluded in the mountains with a girl of around 8 or 9 years old. She was the perfect mix of my ex and I. I knew this was the daughter I’ve always wanted. It was the late hours, no clocks around but I’d venture to say around 3am from the feel of things. We were standing there, staring up at the vastness; I was teaching her the constellations and the names of the stars that make them up. I was as knowledgeable in the dream as I would love to be while awake. I don’t remember a lot of the conversation, but I remember she hung on my every word. I taught her about the North Star. I talked about it far longer than I did any of the others, telling her everything from the science behind its type and its chemical makeup to all the superstitions surrounding it. Would love to have someone interpret this.