Pluto in Dreams

In mythology, the Roman god, Pluto is the counterpart of the Greek god, Hades who is often seen as the embodiment of destruction, chaos, and death. He was often undermined by his brothers for his ruling of the underworld. Thus, to dream about the planet Pluto, means that there may be hidden potential beneath your exterior or transformation is about to take place. It may also indicate your fear and anxiety for an event that is about take place.

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10 thoughts on “Pluto in Dreams”

  1. I dreamed i fell on pluto from space and luckily i fell in water without a scratch. I swimmed to the shore and climed a mountain with stairs on it. I saw signs of civilisation. There i saw two civilisation from a distance one primitive and one modern. I stayed at a temple or place which was common to both. I stayed a night and hid their and went to the modern civilization. Their i went to a room where two teacher student were sitting.(somehow it looked to me as ancient indian civilisation. I saw one touching others feet out of respect and i did the same to both of them. I asked them iny native language hindi but they didn’t know it. Then i told them the script of my language. They understood and took me to another home wherw the female of the family was from earth. She was wife to a pluto native. She met me and was very happy to see me. Her husband was some government official who had a government ambassador car(indian model). Her kids also knew hindi and she told them i am also from eartg.We sat in a car and started talking. I woke up then.

  2. I had a dream last night where I found myself and another person I can’t describe being dropped onto the planet Pluto. I can’t remember what dropped me but I was walking around and there was little pieces of gold everywhere and it was extremely cold. We filled up a bag with shiny gold nuggets then there was a room where I met an old work friend who let me inside. It was warm and there was foxtel haha. But then he asked if I had picked up any gold and I said yes it’s outside in a bag and he looked at me horrified then outside the window I saw a black figure or creature walking towards the bag that’s when I woke up.. Bloody heads foocked up lol

  3. Dreamt I was in a circular space ship with other familiar people who I can’t remember. I was strapped in & ready to take off to the planet Pluto. Before we left I had to retrieve something from my old spanish teachers cupboard, which was full of sweets (such as fudge & I stole a piece). There was a globe in the cupboard room and I opened it up to find dozens of crystals & magical stones, I picked one up which was blue and wrapped in metal & I seemed to recognize the stone. My dream flicked back to being in the space ship & I think we had set off, there was no gravity however there was a young girl with downsyndrome who, although still strapped into her chair was floating around the ship as her chair had come loose. I grabbed for her legs to try and get her chair fixed into the ship properly.

  4. Had a dream about an “alien from Pluto, except he wasnt really alien in the sense, rather he was a normal human but in a pink and aqua suit (interesting color combo). I held one of his devices, I asked him if he was from Pluto and he said yes and went on to describe it as a cockroach lol. Then I said but isnt it more like a giant crystal, since it is covered by ice?

  5. Oh…. its morning…what happened, did I wet the bed? well one thing for sure is that I dreamt planning on going to pluto o_O saw pluto in the sky, looked slightly grey with tint of purple. Weird fucking shit. What’s next. Dreaming about buttfucking a unicorn? lmao

  6. My dream it started off with me and my boss was driving down a road an empty road and ahead of us was massive explosions / huge puffs of smoke like the world was ending I kept saying TURN AROUND why you driving into it and as we got closer we could see stars smashing into the ground then we got out of the car and I looked up into the sky and it was pluto coming down on top of us .. as it got closer it was a big inflatable colourful ball as tall as me and landed peacefully. Weird

  7. My dream is a bit short but it was about a girl that I was hostile towards. We were in a building at night in the middle of a field. I don’t know why I didn’t like her bit she was blabbing on about her power. My friend appeared. She told her her ‘true’ identity. I can’t remember but then I asked her mine. It was like static when she would repeat mine and I would tell her what? Every time until I went to the counter and leaned myself on my back and looked at her but for some reason I smiled back but like creeply and then I heard she said that I was Pluto and then she repeated that she was Athena. In a way I knew I was one of the three bigger ‘powers.’

  8. I dreamt that the image of earth was reflected in Pluto like a mirror. Pluto was in the sky like a full moon but 50 times larger. Looking up into the sky at Pluto as it rose above the horizon, he relfection of earths surface was staring back down at us and I moved so the trees were not blocking the view of plot so I could see it all in its glory in the sky. It was either dusk or dawn, and the energy was intense but full of truth and reality, There was a feeling of widespread change and awareness

    1. I had the very same dream as you described. For the longest I thought it was the moon, until I saw pictures of pluto and how much larger and closer it was it my dream. I heard a roaring voice come from the planet that said “you shall not pass!!!”. It was powerful and everybody went into confusion, wondering what was meant by the words. Throughout my dream I had the powerful sensation that things were changing