Pregnancy in Dreams

Dreaming of pregnancy represents your desires to become a mother and have a child. Your dream will lead you to starting a family when financial and career stability has been achieved. It is believed that the sex of the child can be determined depending on whether you dream more about a male or female.

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3 thoughts on “Pregnancy in Dreams”

  1. I dreamed that my girlfriend was going through pregnancy. Her belly swelled from a small bump to a full term in less then 1 minute. I was happy and worried at the same time because I am always very careful when we are intimate. I am still young and not really ready for a family. Is the dream about her pregnancy something that I should worry about?

  2. Last night I dreamt about me being pregnant & my tummy was very big I could feel the linea nigra & my mom and my boyfriend were very happy. am I having this dream because I want a baby so badly I want to be a mother

  3. I had a dream last night that i was 9 months pregnant lol.
    andd it was my due date.. and my family & i were waiting at my house til my water broke to rush me over to the hospital.. idk why we couldnt just go but yea annyway.. so i waited and waited.. the scene changes and i was eating.. than at the end of the dream i started feeling scared.. like i was thinking about it hurting when i give birth and contractions and all that. i was outside my house thinking this.. than my mom came out and started talking to me about responsibility and stuff… andd like it seemed as if she wanted me to feel like i was doing something wrong.. about the whole situation.. but at the last minute.. like i was already 9 months pregnant. and after she said all that i started thinkin .. abortion.. adoption.. like wtf. i was bout to have a baby.. and wen i woke up im thinking like huh ?? do i have to make a choice about something cause that was really weird o.o