Quicksand in Dreams

Quicksand in dreams represent your current relationship with those around you. If you’re in quicksand that means there is potential conflict and you are getting sucked into it very quickly. Quicksand is thought of as a trap that pulls people inwards with no escape. This can be applied to your life because you may be getting into a relationship with some one when you have no interest in them for the long term, but being like quicksand, they pull you in against your will. Stray away from the quicksand as it may be a sign of commitment and togetherness that you are not going to be happy with.

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2 thoughts on “Quicksand in Dreams”

  1. I had a very clear dream where I was with 2 older women, I seemed to know them in my dream however they are not familiar to me in reality.
    I was suddenly sinking in dirt, that acted like quicksand, which appeared from nowhere.
    One of the ladies helped me out and the other was helping but not trying very hard.
    I was pulled out quickly, after only sinking thigh/waist deep but as soon as I escaped I was then being pulled into the sky y a very strong wind.
    Again, the same lady held my hand tightly, did not let go and helped me back to solid ground. The other lady was reaching for my hand but not holding on. She did not appear to want to help me.
    Fast forward to later in the dream, I was in an area that was quite busy with people. Some of those people I knew, others I didn’t. There seemed to be a disturbance within my view but I couldn’t see exactly what happened. There was an unknown man, who gave me a worrisome feeling, walking towards me muttering something about seeing the ‘babysitter’. My 2 older kids were in my view but not right next to me. I told them to run into the nearest building and lock the door. This man was staggering toward my kids so I picked him up and I am not sure if I stabbed him in the back or if I tried to stab him and missed. The knife fell on to a passer by (who looked just like the scary man), the knife was then bumped off him into the hands of a lady passer by.
    I immediately woke up.
    I can’t remember the little bits and pieces during the rest of the dream but these bits are still very clear and I am interested to find out what it all might mean.

  2. Hey so I’m a heavy dreamer but i had a vivid dream the other night that’s really left me wondering the meaning and i praying you can help.

    In my dream I’m on a four wheeler with my brother and dad down at the creek. I see a blue bikini I’ve left down there haning on an old black root system of a tree next to the water along with other objects i cant quite remember. I get off the bike to go get them and start to cross the shellow creek its a little sinky but fine. I had a feeling just in front of the old root system was unsafe, but it was seconds thought and i step anyway. I sink and sink quick. In both water and sand its was physically and mentally exhausting simply being in it. I don’t panic and flap around i called for help of my brother and dad. I see their shadows running to me. They each grab one of my arms but i can’t remember getting out i can’t remember how the dream ends but it does.

    I’ve grown up having nightmares, good dreams, dreams so realistic i can almost control everything… this dream though was different i don’t know how to explain it, i even woke up drenched in sweat and thats never happened even with my nightmares and i wouldn’t call this dream a scary dream at all more exhausting and maybe a little nervous.

    Thankyou for your time a really hope someone can help. 🙂