Rainbow in Dreams

Rainbows are believed to represent good luck and fortune. Thus, a rainbow in a dream signifies your hope and wish for success and affluence. A rainbow can be also perceived as a bridge or connection that coalesce your physical self with your inner self. Lovers seeing a rainbow together is thought to have a harmonious relationship with good fortune. In western culture, a rainbow also is an emblem of gay pride.

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3 thoughts on “Rainbow in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream where I was standing outside with a friend, and a panel in the rainbow opened up and there was a night sky with a big star and three little stars behind it. I asked my friend did she see it and she said no.

  2. Had an awesome dream last night. A double rainbow was in the sky and the start of it was in my yard. I went over and laid down on the grass and let the beams wash over me. Then as it started to move, I got up and followed the base of it, and gazed up directly into the rays of color. I thought maybe it could hurt my eyes but it didn’t. I was filled with happiness and peace and then the rainbow faded and was gone.
    Any ideas on what that could mean? Thanks!

  3. I dreamt of a rainbow in a shape of a ribbon. Those ribbons you see that show support for something on peoples vehicles? I took pictures of the rainbow and in the photos it showed that I was up close to the ribbon part of the rainbow. It was of course a huge rainbow in the sky and very solid looking. It was not see through at all.