Shooting Star in Dreams

Seeing a shooting star in your dreams indicates your wish for achievement and advancement. A shooting star is considered a sign of believing and hope. As with many people, they believe that if one encounters a shooting star, they can make a wish upon it, and this wish will come true. So dreaming about a shooting star, you are hoping for something that you have been wishing for to become reality.

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14 thoughts on “Shooting Star in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream about seeing multiple shooting stars I’m from Chicago where the sky is full of stars at night but I was raised in Houston so there isn’t many stars the stars in my dream were gorgeous it was a complete gorgeous site

  2. okay so i had a dream that i was driving in my old car, with my two friends im with all the time. and i looked up into a light blue cloudless sky and saw a big bright shooting star! the beam of light trailed behind it, then it disappeared and more came! so many shooting stars! in my dream i also made a wish, two things for the first two shooting stars then i stopped in amazement when they started all speeding by. what does this mean?

  3. last night I dreamt of shooting stars in sky. I encountered 3 shooting stars and made a wish on each of them. I also saw the sky was full of shining stars and three full moons standing parallel and a fourth full moon bit apart. what’s the meaning of such dream

  4. i dreamt i was walking with my sister and some other person i looked up n saw a big shooting star with multiple colours. i knelt down and started wishing while crying i stood up n my knees had mud n felt very weak.

  5. I dreamt I was with 5 people. 2 I knew well. One was one of my sister, one was by best childhood friend. It was night, we were walking and I looked up and saw two shooting stars, then behind me someone saw another. I said that’s not right, you should only see many one. Then blue fireballs were shooting across the sky and I said oh no. I was terrified, thinking it was war on America. We ran and came to a gate where a ferry boat was going to NYC and I said NO! That’s where they want to hit first! So we ran some more, my sister got lost and I woke up tremble and my heart was beating so fast.

  6. I dream of star falling down and I make a wish to be powerful and be a pastor in life . Since that I have been dreaming wonderful ?

  7. I saw that i was in the car going somewhere in the dream and i look upon the sky. The sky was full of shining stars and then I saw a shooting star and made a wish. some stars were so big and some group group of stars making different characters like horse. Some straight line.

  8. I had a dream that i saw 5 shooting stars in one night but 4 where cartoon like and after the shot through the sky the turned it to cartoon characters except the last one it looked so real and did not turn into a cartoon character but i made the same wish on every star.

  9. I had a dream last night about a dark blue sky full of stars and I was standing looking up at them out side my mums house.
    Then I said I love you to a loved one who is passed away in waking life then a shooting star appears across the sky .
    Can anyone understand my dream .
    Thank you xx

  10. I dreamed I was somewhere called Egypt, on earth or another planet. It might’ve been college and a friend and others wanted to go abroad to other places, but I told them I couldn’t because I took too many loans out for college. I arrived amd part of tbe college events was meeting up with a date at the same place as registration. I had seen him before, but figured I didn’t know him well enough to see him, but I was looking forward to it. On the bus I was lying down in the middle of the roofless bus of students at the shooting stars… there were many of them and I wanted one. One came down towards our bus and although the taller athletic students caught it first it bouncer along the top and came into my hand and I held it, but then let it move along. The light had left and it now looked like a five point shaped star rock. I let it move along because I wasn’t the first to get it and didn’t feel like it was rightfully mine.
    Later I was trying to get to registration a few feet away, but couldn’t control my car and I ran over a female. I knew I should get out, but I didn’t…. I didn’t want it to be real. I thought of my date and tried to make it to registration again and ran over another girl…. the same one… Again I felt guilty and knew I should get out, but moved on wandering why I couldn’t control my vehicle. I thought well I have my date in there, life events, after registration, I just have to make it in. I didn’t…I woke up. I felt guilty driving to work and thought about how I doubted my faith and then an accident had happened in real life one year ago.

    I arrived at work later that day and my coworker told me someone got killed just now. A woman was in her way to see her dying husband at Hospice before he passed on and accidentally hit a 70 year old man walking on the road. She’s better than me though, she stopped, and I don’t know if she saw her husband before he passed on.