Sky in Dreams

To envision the sky in dreams signify heighten experiences. The sky is an endless pattern of mixed emotions which can symbolize faith and ambitions to sadness or despair. On clear blue days, the sky can brighten your life.

In a state of confusion you could always look up in the sky for faith or guidance. Alternatively, on rainy gloomy days it can make you feel down and burdened.

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2 thoughts on “Sky in Dreams”

  1. I dreamed that there was a purple sky and in the center above there was a cross that was bright and God said, “you were there the whole time.” My daughter also dreamt a purple sky. Jesus is coming very soon I pray that God will save a lot more lost souls.

  2. I dreamed that I was in a house with many windows. Inside the house were pets that I have had in the past that have died, along with my current pets. I was worried about the old pets fighting with the new pets and was trying to figure out what rooms I could keep each group of pets in so everyone could co-exist together. Outside I could see the sky. At first it was clear and blue, but something seemed amiss. It rapidly turned to night. I could see hairline cracks forming across the sky. I could hear it cracking like glass. It finally shattered and fell into pieces all around. Then there was nothing but darkness outside. I knew the power would fail soon and I was searching for flahlights. All I could find was a flashlight with low batteries. **note, this dream occurred after a particularly bad night of arguing with my boyfriend and I fell asleep contemplating whether or not to end the relationship**