Snowdrop in Dreams

Dreaming about snowdrops symbolizes hope and renewal after periods of quiescence. Snowdrops are unique flowers as they are able to bloom and survive in the winter. This shows that the period of adversaries or unhappiness you may have been experiencing is about to be quickly dispersed and soon to be replaced with new opportunities. Majority of the things associated with snow will be connected with purity, and in the context of snowdrops, it may mean that you are in a state of being pure and cleansed.

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One thought on “Snowdrop in Dreams”

  1. I was walking miles along country lanes then came to an opening of a field. The field felt like it was on top of the world very high up. It was lush and green and covered in white flowers, they looked like large snow drops, were pure perfect and healthy strong white flowers. I commented how beautiful they were. I wanted to stay there take photos a stranger was trying to move me on. The field was just the most beautiful thing i had seen. Was perfect. I wanted my daughter to be there.