Tornado in Dreams

Dreaming of a tornado means losing control over your actions and life. It could be multiple events leading up to the lost of self control. You could end up in a rampant drug binge because of failures to address big personal issues and a series of failed ventures.

Friends and family have started to notice the pattern and tend to stay clear of your tornado path of irrational anger and outpouring of diatribes.

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2 thoughts on “Tornado in Dreams”

  1. In my dreams I see a tornado coming and my kids are there. It ripped one of my kids right out of the car and went into the twirling twister

  2. i had a dream last night where i was put into a hospital after a car accident. I stayed at the hospital for like 5mins. Then i get up from the bed to look for the nurses and docs. There was no one around, so i get dressed and go to find my daughter and husband. I leave the hospital and find my daughter but not my husband. It was sunny outside, so i took my daughter to the park. All of the sudden, everything got dark and the sun faded. The sirens went off and i see this huge tornado comming towards us. I race to the car, but its too far to run. So i pick up my daughter and strangely a raccoon who was very friendly along with a squrriel. We all run across the field fast, but at one point i see my self in slow motion jumping. When i land i go fast again. I dont look at the tornado until we find a ditch surrounded by trees. I put everyone in the ditch and look back at the tornado. The tornado has grown in size is looks as big as the park. I stare at it and it keep spining and making noises, but never travels. I look up and see the sun shining on the tornado. Then i get out of the ditch snd the dream ends