Underwater in Dreams

To dream that you are underwater is reflective of your current state. You may feel that you are drowning and sucked into a whirlpool of problems and negative emotions. As a result, you feel you are losing control of salient tasks at hand and your life. Thus, you desire to find solutions and balance in your life.

Envisioning yourself underwater in your dream also has another interpretation. Water is a breathtaking element of nature so if you see yourself underwater, it may suggests you have a great affinity for the aquatic environment. You long for the tranquility that the blue waters can provide for you. This underwater dream may be indicative of your adventurous side and urge to explore so you can escape from boring everyday life.

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One thought on “Underwater in Dreams”

  1. In my under water dream some times I can actually breathe under the water, just like people do on land.But I’m not happy or sad in the dream. It is a very short dream with no details other than I’m under water and I can’t get to the top for some reason and I can breathe under it normally.