Water in Dreams

Dreaming of water is the representation new life, and renewed vigor. Water provides for refreshment in long journeys, and cleanse the soul. This is the peaceful aspect of water.

Water can also be a terrible uncontrollable element in dreams. The most fearsome dream or nightmare involving water is drowning, or envisioning dying in the water because humans are not water creatures. There is great discomfort, and disappointment will abound when water rampages through your dream.

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3 thoughts on “Water in Dreams”

  1. Last night dreamed of 1 priest praying with holy water to people in line. I’m 3rd person in line. Lady comes and give the priest a coin which he pray and pour holy water on it. Another priest is behind me and hugs me…I feel the warmth. A baby boy gets baptized by a pastor. I see many people around.

  2. I have had this dream for several days now and there is no drowning the water is like clear with greenblue tint to it and that all there is water no sky no bottom just me in water and once it gets darker I wake up

  3. I’ve had a dream, several times, but it’s always in a different car and different people, but the dream is always the same! I dream that I’m in the car with my family or friends and we loose control of the car and the car goes into a canal. And I always wake up either while I’m trying to swim up or while I’m still in the car looking at the water as we sink….I could never finish the dream. What does this dream mean?