Wind in Dreams

Wind is an omnipotent force of nature with the ability to create power gusts and storms. It has the power to move things and change the dynamics of the Earth. To dream about wind may be reflective of the time in your current awake self. You feel that time is swiftly passing by just like the phrase, “gone with the wind.” Since time is brisk as the wind, you wish it can slow down and let you take a breather. There are some tasks you want to do, but is not able to do due to the limited amount of time. In situations like this, try to manage your time better so you can make the most of your precious and limited time.

Dreaming of wind may also suggest that certain elements of your life are modified and fluctuations are in place due to the shifting powers of wind. This force of nature may symbolize vitality as well, for it is the very air contained in the wind that we breathe in.

On the other hand, wind is a fragment of Mother Earth that we as humans have no control over. To dream of wind suggests that certain things and situations are out of control and we have no power to change it. Envisioning a squall or storms with surging winds in your dream can be equivalent to the problems and stress you face when you are awake. Although certain situations may be out of your hand, you can try to make the most out of it and not give up.

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