Acupuncture in Dreams

Dreaming of acupuncture means you are experiencing pains in your life. Sticking a needle into the troubled parts of your life can bring about healing, and diverting the negative energies. Apply Eastern spiritual healing and remedies to get you through tough patches ahead.

It can also mean you are afraid of needles or being pricked by something sharp.

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2 thoughts on “Acupuncture in Dreams”

  1. My acupuncture dream involved me having the needles all over my body & feeling the Pain occurring. I was desperate to ask others in the house I was in to help me remove took awhile & before I woke up I still had many needles to be removed

  2. I had a dream where I was receiving accupunture all over my body (including my lips) and I was left with lots of needles stuck in me, particularly my left arm.

    I had to pull these out myself and some had drops of blood stuk to them. the needles were a variety of dressmaking pins and sewing needles rather than proper treatment needles.

    I never saw the person who was putting them in.