Atomic Bomb in Dreams

Dreaming of an atomic bomb means you are encountering a lot of difficulties in life, or having many issues being unaddressed leading to your biggest wish is to start all over again. The reality is that life is hard, and everyone goes through the same difficulties. Instead of starting over, prioritize your issues and tackle them one at a time. Once you have managed to deal with all the issues at hand, you will come out a stronger person.

Starting over does not help you in becoming a better person who can manage tough and difficult situations. It would sometimes drag you back to the same stressful cycle if problems are left unaddressed properly.

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One thought on “Atomic Bomb in Dreams”

  1. I’m sitting in the top floor of a hotel at the pool. I look up at the night sky and see a huge atomic bomb flying close by lit up buy giant spot lights. Hundreds of machine guns in the distance are firing at it to destroy it. It changes course and retreats only to turn right back around again towards its original course, all while being shot at. It lands in close proximity to me and as I see the flames from the bomb. I fall into the pool which is engulfed in fire as I can see the reflection of fire on the bottom of the pool. I wake up and my face and body are disfigured. The hotel I was staying at is in shambles but surprisingly still standing and the US government/military has taken control. Turning it into a police state of martial law. Throughout the dream the hotel begins to crumble and fall apart. In the dream I feel shock, impeding doom, anger, hopelessness, fear for whats to come.