Bag of Money in Dreams

Dreaming of a bag of money represents opportunity being offered to you. If you are currently looking for a new job position, then there’s a very good chance the job is yours and will come with an offer letter shortly. If you are entering year end reviews, then expect rewards in the form of a paid bonus or monetary grants.

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6 thoughts on “Bag of Money in Dreams”

  1. i had a dream of myself carrying a bag filled with 1000 bills stocked in piles.. and i realy don’t know what it means

  2. it was an early morning dream of finding a bag full of money which my aunt claimed someone stole it from her, And, I happen to find it when I go looking for it

  3. I keep dreaming of a Large box full of Clear money bags with real big amounts of money in it but it’s almost like I new it was there or I was hiding it from everyone else I don’t understand please let me know if u can understand what this means thank u

  4. yesterday night, i have a dream that, i have two big suitcase bags with full of money. I just stand near sea, which has some RCC platform and watching sea. But all of sudden due to heavy hitide, I lost my bag into the water, Suddenly, I jumped in to the risky sea to save money, but i do not swim and came back, but some lady, who watch me, and she tell me, you dont go there. I m going in to the sea, and she jumped into the sea and swim for collecting my lost bag, and after that, suddenly i awaken. what is the meaning for such dream, will you please tell me? what it foretells.

  5. At about 2am, I fell asleep dreamt about a black laptop bag case, n slightly I unzipped both sides peeping in, I saw cash monies, I reach my hand inside picking up some of it, felt it b/c I was surprised to see it.
    Then without taking it out the case, I mentally guessed tJe amount sprawled inside. I closed m reopened to feel the monies, all dollar bills n my hand touched a small stack of twenties. Then, I zipped back up feeling really good n relieved this was money n feeling it was timely.

    Pls interpret what kinda dream is this, lucid.
    What does this monies mean.?