Bag of Money in Dreams

Dreaming of a bag of money represents opportunity being offered to you. If you are currently looking for a new job position, then there’s a very good chance the job is yours and will come with an offer letter shortly. If you are entering year end reviews, then expect rewards in the form of a paid bonus or monetary grants.

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16 thoughts on “Bag of Money in Dreams”

  1. In my dream we were in a group of school mates,at a party or event and i was opening a new phone which i dont know was this samsung latest phone and all of sudden they started attacking us spiritually which the thing they sent held some of us down and i was the only one who was not affected by it and running my way out i’m being called and looking behind i’m seeing someone hanging by the tree like a possessed baby but i didnt answer and i made it out of the building waiting outside for my friends to come out,all of sudden i started seeing them coming outside and saw my friend then we went to class that was when i noticed i was carrying both iphone 7 and samsung8 then later the dream jump to the part i was keeping some money notes aside from the ones in bag,then i had my bag full of notes while my friends was trying to steal from me but i didnt give them the chance to and that was all,the end of the dream i was in possession of money.

  2. I dreamt my sister handed me a giant burlap sack Filled with neatly stacked and bundled bills. She reminded me that our parent had received a 3 million dollars settlement and decided to generously split it between our families, they kept a million and offered a million to my family and hers. I was shocked. Then she told me to put it away some where safe until I could get to the bank because we were somewhere public like a hotel or something. I was so touched and relieved for a blessing that size and with that kind of generosity within our family. Last thing I remember was asking a bunch of people to leave the room as I stacked the cash in a false bottom drawer and thinking how my only worry would be how to make the most of it which is such a nice problem to have.

    1. I just saw a dream one of our friends coming to our house and keeps 8 money bags in our house for safety… they tells us they only trust us

  3. I dreamt that I found a big sack of money, containing about £1m, hidden away in a bush so I took the sack home. There was a lot of fake notes in there but some were real. Then police cars and helicopters were sorrounding the house because they somehow knew I had the money, so I tried to run away with some of it.

  4. I dreamt I was taking money from an older woman a while back, well it came through. I did took her money, wasn’t a good feeling but glad it was there because I needed it then. All cash. Another time, I dreamt of a check of $400,000.00 check will be mine, I have not had that yet, but I am playing the lottery currently.
    I am currently in court for 2 cases I pray get dismissed or dropped. I am already tired of going to court and appearing before the judge.
    Never had a dream of a bag full of money though, do I want a dream concerning it? not really

  5. Dreamt a young came with a big cellophane bag filled with bundles of cash and he handed it to me. I was helping. In picking and repacking some of the cash that were falling out of the bag. Then I was advising him we take the money to the bank to avoid robbery. We were looking for a taxi when I woke up

  6. I dreamt that I was given a robber bad of money by prophet to keep for he it was the money he make he the church programme he organised

  7. I dreamt that i was walking through a road to my house and i found some money on the ground,as i picked it another will appear and as i continue to pick them,it kept appearing in increamental sizes until full bag of sack of money appeared in a cave-like hole and as i pull the sack out another appeared there again and i pull it out uptil the third one and there is no way i could carry the three because of the weight so i begged a lady i saw around to help me with the first so that i could carry the second and the third home because they are heavier. .
    So please what does these really mean?

  8. i had a dream of myself carrying a bag filled with 1000 bills stocked in piles.. and i realy don’t know what it means

  9. it was an early morning dream of finding a bag full of money which my aunt claimed someone stole it from her, And, I happen to find it when I go looking for it

  10. I keep dreaming of a Large box full of Clear money bags with real big amounts of money in it but it’s almost like I new it was there or I was hiding it from everyone else I don’t understand please let me know if u can understand what this means thank u

  11. yesterday night, i have a dream that, i have two big suitcase bags with full of money. I just stand near sea, which has some RCC platform and watching sea. But all of sudden due to heavy hitide, I lost my bag into the water, Suddenly, I jumped in to the risky sea to save money, but i do not swim and came back, but some lady, who watch me, and she tell me, you dont go there. I m going in to the sea, and she jumped into the sea and swim for collecting my lost bag, and after that, suddenly i awaken. what is the meaning for such dream, will you please tell me? what it foretells.

  12. At about 2am, I fell asleep dreamt about a black laptop bag case, n slightly I unzipped both sides peeping in, I saw cash monies, I reach my hand inside picking up some of it, felt it b/c I was surprised to see it.
    Then without taking it out the case, I mentally guessed tJe amount sprawled inside. I closed m reopened to feel the monies, all dollar bills n my hand touched a small stack of twenties. Then, I zipped back up feeling really good n relieved this was money n feeling it was timely.

    Pls interpret what kinda dream is this, lucid.
    What does this monies mean.?