Barnacles in Dream

Dreaming of barnacles mean you have concerns tying you down. It may be something work related that has been bothering you for the longest time, and have not been resolved. Finding a solution will be a long and arduous task, the same as removing barnacles on the underside of a boat. It is possible to move on by attacking the problem gradually piece by piece.

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3 thoughts on “Barnacles in Dream”

  1. I had a dream where the back of my head was covered in large barnacles instead of hair. My attempt to remove them was painful, but I kept trying anyway. They wouldn’t come off.

  2. I had a weird dream that there were barnacles, and small clams on my vagina, and anus. I kept scraping them off, but they kept reproducing. It was super itchy, and disgusting to look at it. I am also 8 weeks pregnant. Maybe my body just has an itchy sense to it?

  3. I had a dream last night that I woke up and there were barnacles on my face like acne. Everyone was acting like it was normal, but I still knew they were supposed to come off. When I took one of the biggest ones off while I was getting ready for the day there was this excruciating and stinging pain.