Bathing Suit in Dreams

Dreaming of a bathing suit means you are ready to be at your most vulnerable to fully become the person that you want to be. While a bathing suit provides you a cover from being completely naked, the importance is how you feel in a bathing suit to determine your level of vulnerability and confidence.

Being vulnerable allows you to connect stronger with people you come across because we all have flaws and showing people these flaws helps to earn their trust.

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2 thoughts on “Bathing Suit in Dreams”

  1. In my dream, I dreamt that I received multiple gifts on my birthday, but my guy friend whom I care for deeply gave me a bathing suit. There were two areas of water, a pool like clear water, or murky water that’s the color of green. I see him swimming in with is male co worker, but then he gets out. I see his son with a dirty face, I wipe this little boys face clean, and my guy friend is watching.

  2. In my dream a gay man was wearing a red spandex suit, standing in the road & wouldn’t let me get past him. A police man drove up behind me & I talked to him & told him about it. The officer disappeared & when I turned around there was a woman wearing a simialar red spandex suit that had cupid or some reminder of valentines day on it & also wouldn’t let me get by. The officer pulled up again behind me, got out of his car & walked towards me & I woke up from the dream.