Bomb in Dreams

Seeing a bomb in your dream suggests that you may be going through a potentially explosive situation in your life. The bomb can represent suppressed desires or emotions that are likely to explode if not dealt with soon. To dream of a bomb threat suggests that you are experiencing inner anger which is on the edge of exploding. You could be worried about someone in your life who you think may be at a threat or is going to die. Take precaution and look out for anything that may seem suspicious to you and a possible threat to life.

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6 thoughts on “Bomb in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream where I heard a bomb ticking in the wall behind a light but the weird thing is I was in the same room as my dream was. It repeated all the way through the night

  2. I have the same dream every night about another county bombing the us over and over. I will be swimming look up and jets blowing up or at my house and a bomb lands in the neighbor hood. It’s always another country attacking the us and I am always freaking out it’s the end of the world and my heart is racing the whole time. My only guess for these dreams is because in real life I am scared of death and the world ending and see bad things on the news.

  3. I had a dream I was being hunted. Bombs were going off, I could see them destroying buildings and I was trying to run away. I knew whoever was hunting me could track me by my cell phone, but I could ditch the phone for some reason so I had to keep running. A girl I was friends with when I was a kid was saying goodbye to her infant daughter because she knew we wouldn’t live… then I woke up…

  4. I had a dream that I was walking upstairs in a house( it was the illusion it was mine) and all of a sudden I see a couple of cardboard boxes on the upper steps. I noticed a wire going from box to door handle or switch plate for light. I felt it was a bomb that if the trip wire was tripped it would explode.
    I told everyone not to go upstairs. I ran to next door neighbors to get help as for some reason I didn’t have a phone. When I went to neighbors house these kids were performing some sort of rituals by the open front door on porch.
    I screamed and yelled telling them to never play with the spiritual world it’s more powerful than you think. Then something happened, I can’t remember what it was. I asked to use one of the kids phone and they said they didn’t have one, however I saw it in his hand.
    Then I had the illusion of spiritual ugliness. I wanted my home back and began to fight w my words and not being scared. I fought for what was mine and I was going to win. I have God on my side. In my dream the house was decrepit and as soon as I walked in I demanded the decrepitness and the people ( who I think were spirits in body form) to leave my house. I kept commanding them to leave. The inside of the house was gray. As I demanded with authority one by one they left. When I turned around to look at front door I saw my beautiful colorful chocolate lab laying be front door. The glass screen door was filled with color and light along with warmth and peace when I looked in. The house inside was at peace and beautiful.
    Then I woke up! Strange dream?

  5. I awoke this morning from dreaming I was riding through town, in the city, on the highway, when I noticed some strange type of aircraft passing over us, headed in the opposite direction. It was several “air planes” flying in unison. They looked like a child’s remote control aircraft designed by Dr. Seuss. I really don’t know how to describe it. As we passed, I kept watching, thinking how peculiar this thing was. As we rounded a bend toward the other side of town, this plane, which had red & white stripes, hovered over a round, rocket-shape building and dropped a bomb! I couldn’t believe what I just witnessed! The building remained in tact, but had a big hole blown through it. The plane kept dropping these bombs as if trying to blow through each floor. The building wad made of glass and I could see cubicles and people running away from the bombs. I wondered how many casualties there were and was relieved to see survivors for the time being but I was concerned for them. Then this aircraft flew away from the first building and hovered over another building, that had the exact same shape, only blue-tinted glass and the same scene unfolded. I remained shocked and concerned.

  6. I just had the worst bomb dream ever and I woke up crying, I’m couldn’t distinguish the difference between this dream and reality. Anyways, my dream : It was like an ordinary day, I was just waking up and I was going to get my slippers from out the closet, as soon as I cracked the door open, everything started going in slow motion, I just seen this metal hinge let go and I knew.. The house was a 100th of a second from exploding, (I dnt know why I knew this, maybe a farfetched imagination..) Anyway, I as soon as I jumped to try to get out the door to save my mom, I couldnt hear anything, I’m blinded by a white flash then I wake up. I had this dream 3 times now, and every time I do the same freakin thing, its so irritating. I cried because I felt I couldn’t get out my room in time to let my mom know there was a bomb… Worst dream ever.